Episode 5: We Activate Discussion on Voice Control for the Home

Join The Crew Host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss and Justin Watts as they welcome their guests:

Alex Capecelatro – co-founder and CEO at Josh.ai
Dave Pedigo, VP of Emerging Technology at CEDIA
Gordon Van Zuiden, Founder at cyberManor, Inc.
Nader Dajani, Head of Business Development at Josh.ai.

Katye takes over the host microphone on this show to begin a dynamic discussion with Alex (who joined us via phone on the way to the airport) about Josh.ai, the first voice activated home automation system for high-end homes.

The discussion centers on how voice recognition will transform how we interact with the home environment, where Alex talks about how this is becoming more possible now than ever before, with much higher accuracy rate (to go along with higher internet speeds) for speech recognition and control. Justin also contributes to this discussion taking about the evolution of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) with voice.

Gordon picks up on the conversation with the integration side perspective also focusing on UI and voice as a primary interface for the home, as well as the network and network management. Gordon also refers to a recent article he wrote (in Residential Systems) Frictionless Home Design, where in it he also references Alex’s talk at CEDIA on the potential of no UI.

More great discussion from Alex, Dave, Gordon and Nader on this show (including predictions!), one that is a must listen for the residential integration community as well as those interested in the technology.

So sit back, plug in (while we work on creating the first voice activated podcast) and live…

The AV Life.

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