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Episode 23: We Now Present to You the Technology ‘Power Hour’

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Deron Pinchback, Alesia Hendley and guest Crew member John Greene as they welcome:

Chris Fitzsimmons – Product Manager at Biamp
Curtis Rose – Marketing Manager at Premier Mounts (on a call-in)
Christina Engh – COO at UASolutions Group

Here we go, you name the technology and it’s probably packed in here. We begin with digital signage and the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas where Alesia called in from to give the Crew the Wednesday day one report. Along with numerous conferences and booth visits she met with a lot of great people too.

Alesia spent time at the Premier Mounts booth during their ‘Power Hour’ and saw some great people there too. Curtis called in from DSE and told the Crew about what Premier Mounts showcased at DSE 2017 as well as things that he noticed going on around him – and of course that Power Hour.

Christina jumped into the digital signage conversation with Curtis and the Crew too, there was even some drones and digital signage talk, for those who watched the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. The Crew talked to Chris about trends in video and more, and there’s unified communications and collaboration as well. There was also discussion of Enterprise Connect (EC) where Biamp had exhibited this week, and Crew member Chris Turner was there.

As for the Power Hour, we decided we liked it so much we wanted to borrow it for the next episode and Curtis gave us the OK – but we chose to use it for one instead. In fact, we may use it on all of the shows now. We said thank you to him, and that we’d return it in time for DSE 2018 (or InfoComm 2017? Hmm).

Christina then talks drones and video, along with FPV – which Deron and Chris would love to get into – more very good conversation.

A great hour conversation (ok it’s actually just a bit over an hour, but you get the drift).

So sit back, plug in and feel the tech as you live…

The AV Life.

Episode 22: Unified Communications and Collaboration Happen Here, and in Orlando at Enterprise Connect

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Joey D’Angelo and Chris Turner as they welcome their guests:

Jordan Owens – VP of Architecture at Pexip
Shell Haffner – Director of Product Management at Biamp
Troy Jensen – Sr. Market Development Specialist at Shure

It’s time for the UC&C trade show for the enterprise, Enterprise Connect, taking place March 27-30 in Orlando, FL. Enterprise Connect provides comprehensive analysis and in-depth sessions covering Unified Communications, Mobility, SIP Trunking, Cloud, Video, Collaboration, WebRTC and more, along with the exhibitor show floor where our three guests will be showcasing solutions.

Troy begins by talking about Shure networked audio solutions that they will be showcasing for the enterprise market, including Microflex and IntelliMix, and the Crew adds some very good discussion here.

Jordan begins with two panel sessions involving customers talking about scaling up use of interoperable videoconferencing with Pexip, one session (run by Wainhouse Research) involves integrating video into business processes, the other addresses video deployment challenges facing the large enterprise, and rolling out business-quality video to all types of devices. The new version of Pexip Infinity (v. 15) will be launched at the show, and many know how the company likes to throw a great party – Jordan talk about that as well.

Shell talks all about Devio, a collaboration solution for modern workplaces that brings Biamp’s full conference room audio to smaller spaces. Devio has been shown before at the trade shows, and Shell talks about how the solution fits well into today’s smaller space environments with quality audio as well as mobile devices/BYOD in mind. There’s data discussion here too.

Sit back, plug in, get ready to huddle and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 21: An Insightful Discussion on Digital Signage, Getting “Phygital”, Education and the Integrator

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Deron Pinchback, Joey D’Angelo, Alesia Hendley and Taylor Meyer as they welcome their guests:

Mike White – Director of Business Development, Digital Signage at Unified AV
Laura Davis-Taylor – EVP, Customer Experience at MaxMedia

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2017) takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 28th through the 31st (Exhibit Hall the 29th and 30th), and is the basis for discussion on this show, as it was for episode 18 as well.

After the Crew begins the show talking about some of the great Twitter followers (one in particular intrigues them), Laura begins talking about her session “Let’s Get Phygital” (which she is doing with Ed King, Vice President of Strategy at the company) to be presented Wednesday, March 29 at 2 p.m., discussing how the lines between digital and physical retail continue to blur, what customers expect from their store experience and where the next big opportunities are to break down the brick-and- mortar barriers.

Mike pinpoints discussion here toward the integrator and selling digital signage in an age where it’s been too much about the box, when it should be more about the overall value proposition which he’ll be talking about at the Expo. He also talks about ROO – return on objective – an interesting discussion in terms of doing it right, or not doing it at all. The Crew add in very well to both topics.

And much more. So sit back, plug in and get ready to live…

The AV Life.

Episode 20: We Talk About the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour and New Hospitality Division (Special)

Join Host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests on this special episode:

Melody Craigmyle – VP of Marketing, Pro A/V Division at Almo Professional A/V
Stephen McKay – Sr. VP Sales, Special Markets at Almo Professional A/V

Almo Professional A/V is a value-added technology and professional audio-visual distributor of products and services who specializes in serving professional A/V integrators, dealers and consultants.

On this podcast, Corey talks with Melody and Stephen about the upcoming Almo E4 Pro AV Tour (Chicago March 22, San Jose April 19th) where they discuss:

– The Internet of Things Conference (this conference puts IoT in context for AV professionals, focusing on the potential opportunities in this burgeoning technology field).
– The Samsung Showcase (you’ll have a chance to get up close and personal with hands-on demos and tours with product engineers)
– Education at the show
– Presenters

Stephen talks about the new Almo Pro A/V Hospitality Division, along with what attendees will see at the show from the new division – here is the recent announcement.

So sit back and enjoy the show (and make sure you register for the E4 Tour) while you live…

The AV Life.

Episode 19: EventProfs, Marketing, Social Media and The Smooth Factor

Join the Crew: Host Megan Powers, Alesia Hendley and Corey Moss as they welcome:

Nick Borelli – President/Strategist at Borelli Strategies
Alex Plaxen – President/Founder at LittleBird Told Media

Another live event-focused show hosted by Megan Powers brings some great insight into the state of marketing within events. This is Alesia’s (The Smooth Factor on Twitter) first show as a Crew member and we welcome her to the team. As this episode was recorded on International Women’s Day, Corey in his show intro gives a shoutout to all of the great women in the audio visual industry. Of course, Corey also names some of the followers of @The_AVLife on Twitter.

Nick Borelli consults with businesses on how to maximize their marketing strategies, primarily in the events and meetings industry. He also speaks frequently throughout the industry. Nick has spent his career developing marketing and sales strategies for event industry companies and events believing that one size does not fit all.

Alex Plaxen is a social Media Strategist and Implementation Specialist for conferences and trade shows. He’s an experienced story teller with a passion for networking, strategy, and problem-solving. Alex is making a habit of helping associations approach and execute their event social media marketing in a more effective and productive way.

So sit back, plug in and get ready to live…

The AV Life.

Episode 18: We Discuss the Digital Signage Expo with Andrea Varrone and Alan Brawn

Join the Crew Host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett and Chris Turner (in his first Crew appearance) as they welcome their guests:

Andrea Varrone – Show Director- Digital Signage Expo
Alan Brawn – Principal of Brawn Consulting and Director of ISF Commercial and the Digital Signage Experts Group

The Crew and their guests discuss DSE, the show’s exhibitors and what the attendee integrators, consultants as well as end users (CIO’s CMO’s and managers) have to look forward to – Andrea and Alan discuss technologies, vertical markets, tracks, networking, after-show analysis and more.

There’s also a special look at trends according to Alan (including discussion of analytics), the “immersive experience,” a focused look at education offered at the show and certifications. And if you just think “content is king,” wait till you hear Alan Brawn’s take on that, as well as the moment of this epiphany.

Our thanks to Andrea and Alan for joining us – enjoy the podcast, and DSE.

And don’t forget to live…

The AV Life.