Episode 23: We Now Present to You the Technology ‘Power Hour’

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Deron Pinchback, Alesia Hendley and guest Crew member John Greene as they welcome:

Chris Fitzsimmons – Product Manager at Biamp
Curtis Rose – Marketing Manager at Premier Mounts (on a call-in)
Christina Engh – COO at UASolutions Group

Here we go, you name the technology and it’s probably packed in here. We begin with digital signage and the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas where Alesia called in from to give the Crew the Wednesday day one report. Along with numerous conferences and booth visits she met with a lot of great people too.

Alesia spent time at the Premier Mounts booth during their ‘Power Hour’ and saw some great people there too. Curtis called in from DSE and told the Crew about what Premier Mounts showcased at DSE 2017 as well as things that he noticed going on around him – and of course that Power Hour.

Christina jumped into the digital signage conversation with Curtis and the Crew too, there was even some drones and digital signage talk, for those who watched the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. The Crew talked to Chris about trends in video and more, and there’s unified communications and collaboration as well. There was also discussion of Enterprise Connect (EC) where Biamp had exhibited this week, and Crew member Chris Turner was there.

As for the Power Hour, we decided we liked it so much we wanted to borrow it for the next episode and Curtis gave us the OK – but we chose to use it for one instead. In fact, we may use it on all of the shows now. We said thank you to him, and that we’d return it in time for DSE 2018 (or InfoComm 2017? Hmm).

Christina then talks drones and video, along with FPV – which Deron and Chris would love to get into – more very good conversation.

A great hour conversation (ok it’s actually just a bit over an hour, but you get the drift).

So sit back, plug in and feel the tech as you live…

The AV Life.

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