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Episode 28: Attention – This Podcast Has Been Taken Over By Robots

Join the Crew Host Taylor Meyer, Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests:

Adam Tank – founder and CEO at Industrial Optic
Jim Heise – Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University and advisor of the Cyclone Space Mining team

So — robots…

Our Iowa State University Mechanical Engineering student Crew member Taylor Meyer hosts her first episode of The AV Life and invites two very special guests on the show:

Adam Tank has an undergraduate degree in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics. After his first year in the MBA program at Kansas University, he was selected to be a Summer Associate in GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP) where he helped launch an eCommerce site for GE Water. He is currently working on his startup, Industrial Optic, focused on building robots small enough to fit into water pipe entry points – his idea for this was selected by GE in a special competition.

Jim Heise was voted best advisor at Iowa State in 2016. He has twenty-five years experience as Engineering Manager and Design Engineer with John Deere; General Motors; Hydrotile Machinery Company; Omega Cabinets; Square D Company; Maytag; Whirlpool; Blackhawk Engineering and H&H Machine Tool Company.

Taylor leads the discussion with the guests, talking about robotics and more. She begins with Adam asking about his efforts in creating these special robots (which made him a winner in the GE competition), along with building his startup company. He talks about STEM, and there’s even some AV talk here. Taylor talks with Jim, who has been an exceptional influence for her as a lecturer at Iowa State University, about his being the advisor of the Cyclone Space Mining program and robot design for usage in space. Taylor is Outreach Coordinator for the program.

So sit back, plug in, listen to a special episode on robotics, space and more as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 27: AV for Friends, Family and Lawyers

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Joey D’Angelo and special guest Crew member (Corey’s daughter) Linda Moss as they welcome their guests:

Gina Sansivero – Director Business Development, Education at FSR, Inc.
Jeremy Caldera – CEO at IAS Technology
Linda Moss – Lawyer (and Corey’s daughter)

The AV Life takes a break from the trade show circuit to hang out with good friends and family and just talk AV – and beers of course (it is still tech and beer month)! It’s been confirmed that after a months of trade show discussion (ISE and the Digital Signage Expo) that trade shows, tech, humor and beers go together perfectly.

On this episode, after Corey mentions some of those great Twitter followers (including a mysterious one), he begins by talking with Gina about a recent Convergent AV ‘EdTech Focus’ podcast that she co-hosted, discussing the guest on that show who works for Rutgers University in New Jersey. This leads to discussion with Linda as she is a Rutgers alum (who just became a lawyer, with a degree from UC Boulder), and Gina asks her about technology at the school when she was there. Linda also talks about having fun with a certain education-based technology product that her dad would bring home when he was in AV industry commercial sales.

The conversation then turns to the classification of nerds, geeks, etc. where Linda talks about which she fits in. Gina talks about a recent conversation she had with her son and his friend where she mentioned a word and got a puzzled look from both of them. Talk about feeling old in the moment… Jeremy enters after some family time with the kids to continue AV, education and “other” discussions. Next is beer time – and what did Gina bring to the table?

For all of our AV and lawyer fans – sit back, plug in and join us as we all live…

The AV Life.

Episode 26: Speakers, EventProfs, Podcasters… Beer and Sax!

Join the Crew: Host Megan Powers, Alesia Hendley and Corey Moss as they welcome:

Thom Singer – Motivational Speaker, Emcee, and Podcaster
Brian Fanzo – Change Evangelist, Keynote Speaker, CEO of iSocialFanz, and Podcaster
Phil Mershon – Event Director for Social Media Examiner, and Podcaster

Q. What happens when you have professionals who are both speakers and podcasters on a podcast show?

A. You get tons of great content, to be sure!

This month’s live event show is again hosted by Megan Powers, and she’s joined by her regular live events crew member Alesia Hendley. Speaking is a hot topic currently, and Megan talks with three outstanding speakers and event planners about: how they got their starts, some things they regularly encounter with the AV setup, things speakers want planners to know, and more (hint: it’s still Beer Month!).

Thom Singer was working in marketing for a law firm when he began teaching attorneys how to network – his very cool “start story” blossoms from there and he shares it with us on this show. He calls himself “The Conference Catalyst,” and encourages meeting and event planners to think outside the celebrity realm for keynotes.

Brian Fanzo prides himself in being a young, quick-talking, multi-faceted entrepreneur and speaker. He is a swiss army knife who is able to talk on a wide variety of topics… and he wants you to know that a square peg is perfectly fine to fit into that round hole.

Phil Mershon is a modern-day renaissance man to be sure – he is the Director of Events for Social Media Examiner (SME), a hub of the latest and greatest happening in the social media marketing industry. SME also puts on the pre-eminent conference for social media marketers – Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW17), and Phil is partially responsible for helping to hand-select their speakers. He is also a speaker himself, a podcaster – and a musician.

On this episode the guests share some interesting insight about being speakers, and have some great advice for speakers and planners alike. All three are seasoned and great communicators, which resulted in the perfect combo! What would their superpower be? And what tools or apps do they recommend using these days? And of course the beers, along with Megan, Alesia and Corey!

So what else can we say? Sit back, plug in and enjoy the show while we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 25: Podcast Proof That Digital Signage Goes with AV, Trade Shows and Beer

Join the Crew Host Alesia Hendley, Corey Moss and Deron Pinchback as they welcome:

Richard Ventura – Vice President of Business Development and Solutions at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
Bryan Meszaros – CEO and Founder at OpenEye Global
Steven Picanza – Director of Marketing at OpenEye Global
Colin Bovet – Head of Marketing at Enplug
… and special guest Scott Shepherd from Alaskan Brewing Co., representing the beer (and tech) this week on The AV Life.

Corey begins the show talking with Scott about Alaskan Brewing Co. (in Juneau, Alaska), the beers, as well as their working relationship with Enplug. In fact Colin, who’s drinking an Alaskan, won a special award for appearing on this show – his third Convergent AV podcast. Listen in to find out what he won.

Corey then hands the show off to Alesia – she begins with Bryan and Steven as they talk about the Digital Signage Expo and how it has progressed every year, along with speaking at the show. Then Rich talks about his participation as well as speaking at the show, along with the education that takes place there. Rich also talks about the planning and work that goes into putting it all together.

Alesia then turns it right to some early beer talk, all guests talking about their favorites. Corey touches on something that Rich said about first time attendees, and Rich talks about this as well as the integrators attending the show (which Bryan and Steven also added discussion to). Bryan talks about digital signage and what it still means to the industry, and Rich picks up with a certain term that he finds meaningful to the overall discussion. Deron also talks about what integration and digital signage represents for him, which Rich gets involved in too – Rich even brings Scott back into the discussion to talk about Enplug, communications and what its meant for Alaskan’s business. Some great digital signage discussion here with Rich and the rest.

So sit back, plug in and join us as we live…

The AV Life

Episode 24: Welcome to the Tragicomedy of AV Life (and Beer)

Join the Crew: Host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss, Megan Powers and guest (actually newly minted) Crew member Jeremy Elsesser as they welcome their guests:

Alan Brawn – Principal of Brawn Consulting
Jonathan Brawn – Principal of Brawn Consulting
John Sciacca – Partner, Custom Theater & Audio, Contributing Technical Editor for Sound and Communications, and Technical Reviewer/Blogger for Residential Systems
Mike Maniscalco – (on a call-in) Co-founder, Ihiji (Eyeheejee)

After the shoutout to some of those great The AV Life Twitter followers, Corey turns this one over to Kayte who begins talking with the Brawns, both craft beer aficionados, about The Digital Signage Expo and what impressed them at the show. Jeremy adds in with discussion of video walls, as well as tech in certain markets. John tells everyone about what’s catching his eye on the residential technology side these days, and Mike talks about an event he had just attended and some of what he’s doing tech-wise, along with a little (very cool) SXSW tech.

This to go along with the Brawns’ world of beers in San Diego – a world that all of the Crew wants to live in. In fact, one of them will get to live in it for a day – tune in to find out who. John talks about how he brews his own beer, and other beer talk. Mike, who calls in from the road wishes he had a beer, and he talks about his beer strategy. Katye, in Montana, talks about her best craft beer pairing for a stroopwafel. Corey, in Virginia, talks about a Chicago beer he’s trying out in honor of his friends there and the Cubs W – but will he go back to his old standard? Jeremy, in Arizona, talks about a special beer that he goes the distance to get.

As all on this show agreed, there’s only one most important thing that goes with AV anytime, anyplace – which makes the industry AV connoisseurs.

So sit back, plug in and listen up while we influence you (with beers) to live…

The AV Life.