Episode 26: Speakers, EventProfs, Podcasters… Beer and Sax!

Join the Crew: Host Megan Powers, Alesia Hendley and Corey Moss as they welcome:

Thom Singer – Motivational Speaker, Emcee, and Podcaster
Brian Fanzo – Change Evangelist, Keynote Speaker, CEO of iSocialFanz, and Podcaster
Phil Mershon – Event Director for Social Media Examiner, and Podcaster

Q. What happens when you have professionals who are both speakers and podcasters on a podcast show?

A. You get tons of great content, to be sure!

This month’s live event show is again hosted by Megan Powers, and she’s joined by her regular live events crew member Alesia Hendley. Speaking is a hot topic currently, and Megan talks with three outstanding speakers and event planners about: how they got their starts, some things they regularly encounter with the AV setup, things speakers want planners to know, and more (hint: it’s still Beer Month!).

Thom Singer was working in marketing for a law firm when he began teaching attorneys how to network – his very cool “start story” blossoms from there and he shares it with us on this show. He calls himself “The Conference Catalyst,” and encourages meeting and event planners to think outside the celebrity realm for keynotes.

Brian Fanzo prides himself in being a young, quick-talking, multi-faceted entrepreneur and speaker. He is a swiss army knife who is able to talk on a wide variety of topics… and he wants you to know that a square peg is perfectly fine to fit into that round hole.

Phil Mershon is a modern-day renaissance man to be sure – he is the Director of Events for Social Media Examiner (SME), a hub of the latest and greatest happening in the social media marketing industry. SME also puts on the pre-eminent conference for social media marketers – Social Media Marketing World (#SMMW17), and Phil is partially responsible for helping to hand-select their speakers. He is also a speaker himself, a podcaster – and a musician.

On this episode the guests share some interesting insight about being speakers, and have some great advice for speakers and planners alike. All three are seasoned and great communicators, which resulted in the perfect combo! What would their superpower be? And what tools or apps do they recommend using these days? And of course the beers, along with Megan, Alesia and Corey!

So what else can we say? Sit back, plug in and enjoy the show while we live…

The AV Life.

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