Episode 27: AV for Friends, Family and Lawyers

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Joey D’Angelo and special guest Crew member (Corey’s daughter) Linda Moss as they welcome their guests:

Gina Sansivero – Director Business Development, Education at FSR, Inc.
Jeremy Caldera – CEO at IAS Technology
Linda Moss – Lawyer (and Corey’s daughter)

The AV Life takes a break from the trade show circuit to hang out with good friends and family and just talk AV – and beers of course (it is still tech and beer month)! It’s been confirmed that after a months of trade show discussion (ISE and the Digital Signage Expo) that trade shows, tech, humor and beers go together perfectly.

On this episode, after Corey mentions some of those great Twitter followers (including a mysterious one), he begins by talking with Gina about a recent Convergent AV ‘EdTech Focus’ podcast that she co-hosted, discussing the guest on that show who works for Rutgers University in New Jersey. This leads to discussion with Linda as she is a Rutgers alum (who just became a lawyer, with a degree from UC Boulder), and Gina asks her about technology at the school when she was there. Linda also talks about having fun with a certain education-based technology product that her dad would bring home when he was in AV industry commercial sales.

The conversation then turns to the classification of nerds, geeks, etc. where Linda talks about which she fits in. Gina talks about a recent conversation she had with her son and his friend where she mentioned a word and got a puzzled look from both of them. Talk about feeling old in the moment… Jeremy enters after some family time with the kids to continue AV, education and “other” discussions. Next is beer time – and what did Gina bring to the table?

For all of our AV and lawyer fans – sit back, plug in and join us as we all live…

The AV Life.

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