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Episode 33: Digital Signage – Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, London and the World

Join the Crew: Host Alesia Hendley, Corey Moss and Ruben Romero as they welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura – VP of Business Development and Solutions at NEC Display Solutions of America
Brian McClimans – VP Global Business Development at Peerless-AV
Stephanie Gutnik – Director of Business Development at Broadsign

On this show, the Crew and their guests give a total focus to the subject of digital signage discussing technologies, trade shows and more. While we’re coming up on InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, FL, the discussion also involves the Digital Signage Expo which took place in Las Vegas in March, New York Digital Signage Week coming up in October, and the recent London Digital Signage Week.

Alesia gets right into discussion with Stephanie, Rich and Brian about recent events and trade shows – Stephanie also talks about the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) focusing on discussion along with Brian about promotion and expansion of the digital signage industry to numerous parts of the world. Rich (who is the Chairman of the organization) picks up with DSF discussion in reference to global organization and leaders as well as impact to the markets. He also talks about New York Digital Signage Week, and the show is taking place during a very special time of the year – you’ll hear about it.

Stephanie next talks about specific focus on growth in various regions of the world, as well as a global focus on the whole, along with the discussion of content and strategy. Rich also adds to the discussion, talking about big data analytics. Rich discusses some of the differences in terms of certain shows, and Brian adds in about a greater focus on the consumer and the experience, which Rich talks about as well.

Finally, Brian and Rich talk about InfoComm and what the companies will be doing at the show. Brian talks about a great contest taking place at the booth. And of course there are the parties (and a great story from Rich).

So sit back, plug in and get digital with us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 32: We Present to You the InfoComm Awards Show

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, new Crew member Ruben Romero, and guest Crew member Jeremy Caldera as they welcome their guests:

Bill Nattress – Director of Channel Strategy – Paging at Biamp (CTS Holder of the Year)
James Maltese – President at Audio Visual Resources, Inc. (Educator of the Year)
Wallace Johnson – VP Business Development at MertzCrew (Young AV Professionals)

When you talk about trade shows and awards (and many in the industry do), you always want to acknowledge those given by the industry organization first and foremost. On this show, that’s exactly what we do. InfoComm International states: AV technology is awesome. But behind all the gear and awe-inspiring installations are people. It’s those people, just like you and your team, who make the magic happen.

The Crew talks with the guests about the InfoComm 2017 Awards, their careers, as well as their companies and what they do. They also have other discussions, one of them on mentorship. Certain guests on the show have won previous InfoComm awards and you’ll hear about that too.

A great discussion with these 2017 InfoComm Award winners. So sit back, plug in, and join us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 31: AV People, Social Media and Marketing – Perfect Together

Join the Crew: Host Megan Powers, Katye McGregor Bennett, Alesia Hendley, and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Marina Gregory – Marketing Director at Advanced AV
Angela Johnson – Human Resources Manager at Advanced AV
Megan Dutta – Marketing Communications Manager at Peerless-AV

On an episode hosted by The AV Life’s resident marketer Megan Powers, two of AV integrator Advanced AV’s key employees, along with a well-known AV manufacturer marketing pro join the Crew to discuss about the hot topics of social media and marketing in the industry.

Megan and the Crew begin talking with Marina and Angela about strategies they utilize at the company on the various platforms, including for recruiting. Marina focuses very good discussion on Facebook and some of the trials on that platform. Megan Dutta then discusses marketing and social media strategy at Peerless-AV, and talking to the team about “not just posting stuff” and being selective in terms of what they post. Megan Dutta discusses intranet vs. social media usage – a question brought up by Katye, also targeting discussion to Facebook engagement. Marina picks up on the on the intranet vs. Facebook discussion as well.

Megan then asks Marina about the roles in the company in terms of marketing strategy, and tying programs into business and lead generation. A very interesting discussion on lead gen and the sales people in the company.

Megan leads off another discussion talking with the guests and Crew about feedback on social channels, which can be customer or otherwise, as many know how such feedback can affect a company in different ways. Megan asks Megan Dutta and Marina about the kinds of listening tools they’re using. Marina also talks about following certain keywords and tags. Corey closes the show talking about social media and InfoComm 2017 with the guests and Crew.

Sit back, listen in and get on your favorite social platform as we live…

The AV Life.

(This episode is sponsored by Advanced AV)

Episode 30: Stories From “The Road to InfoComm”

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Megan Powers and Taylor Meyer as they welcome their guests:

Cory Schaeffer – Director, Systems Solutions at QSC
Chuck Espinoza – Staff Instructor at InfoComm International
Paul Zielie – Manager, Enterprise Solutions at HARMAN International

It is “The Road To InfoComm” month on The AV Life, and with that comes the return of Justin Watts! It’s been quite some time, however he’s back with the Crew and we’re real glad to have him.

As for the guests, Cory Schaffer makes her very first appearance on the The AV Life show and tells us all about the world of Cory and QSC.

Chuck quotes famous figures of the past (in fact he met with one) and he talks about what the CTS program means to him. Paul also talks CTS, and then at other times he just talks (haven’t found that Paul-off button yet). Justin, Chuck and Paul also talk about education at the show (dropping a lot of really good names here too). Justin also talks about that great Texas life.

Cory talks about the Women of InfoComm Network discussing recent events in her area as well as others that have taken place and are planned (a mention of New York), along with how women can start chapters and host WIN events in their areas. Cory also talks about women in the industry and technology which Corey discusses with her as well.

Justin talks about “The AV Life” and what it means to be in commercial integration working for AVI Systems. After this, Cory and Paul go “On the Road to InfoComm” to tell us about what to look forward to at the show, and Corey tells Paul that he’ll find mangos there too…

Meat Mangos! And Karaoke!

We finally wrap up the show (or at least we try) – so sit back, plug in, have a meat mango and unwind with the beverage of your choice as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 29: When AV Marketing Pros Speak, We Listen (Part 2)

Join the Crew Host Corey Moss, Alesia Hendley, Dayna Baumann, Pippa Edelin and (guest Crew) John Greene as they welcome their guests:

Brady Bruce – Chief Marketing Officer at InFocus

Amanda Roe – Global Public Relations & Research Manager at Biamp

Janelle Raney – Product Marketing Executive at Zoom

Megan Dutta – Marketing Communications Manager at Peerless-AV

In Part 2 all talk about InfoComm 2017, the guests talk about what to expect when coming to the booths, and even some of what you might not have expected.

And of course, to go with the products and solutions, there are those refreshments too.

So sit back, plug in and listen to some true marketing pros give us the InfoComm lowdown as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 29: When AV Marketing Pros Speak, We Listen (Part 1)

Join the Crew Host Corey Moss, Alesia Hendley, Dayna Baumann, Pippa Edelin and (guest Crew) John Greene as they welcome their guests:

Brady Bruce – Chief Marketing Officer at InFocus
Amanda Roe – Global Public Relations & Research Manager at Biamp
Janelle Raney – Product Marketing Executive at Zoom
Megan Dutta – Marketing Communications Manager at Peerless-AV

Along with everyone’s favorite marketing/social media fun guy Poppy John Greene and Dayna Baumann who joined the Crew for her first show, Pippa, who is with InFocus, joined with Brady just to check things out and ended up becoming an accidental Crew member. Now that never happens… (she had a great time!).

Corey begins the show announcing all of the InfoComm 2017 Award winners, and in fact one of them just happened to be on the show. Megan did arrive a bit late so she didn’t get to hear the beginning tribute, although she did receive congratulations from all when she did join.

The Crew talks with each of the guests about their overall marketing strategies for the company. Brady talks about the strategies at InFocus with their robust collaboration solutions environment, as well as a special favor he’ll be taking care of for the Grew and guests on the show. Tune in to hear about that. Amanda tells us about how things operate in terms of marketing at Biamp, who celebrated it’s 40th anniversary last year. Janelle talks about Zoom, who is relatively new to the AV world, and how they have truly progressed in Unified Communications & Collaboration as well as the AV industry space (they are a platinum sponsor of the UC&C Pavilion at InfoComm). Megan discusses how Peerless-AV, while they are a well-known mounting products company, also takes a strong overall solutions approach in terms of marketing.

An excellent part 1 discussion finishes with the Tier PM Hot Jobs, and then in part 2 we talk about InfoComm.