Episode 34: Picking Up Speed on The Road to InfoComm 2017

Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Justin Watts, Alesia Hendley, Ruben Romero and Taylor Meyer as they welcome their guests:

Jeremy Elsesser – President at Level 3 Audiovisual

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV

Justin Rexing – AV Design Engineer at Western Kentucky University/Sr. Managing Partner at Rexing Consulting

It’s June, and we’re just over a week away from the big one – InfoComm 2017 in Orlando Florida! On this episode three well-known AV industry professionals join the Crew to talk about the show, and in fact John begins talking about something no one expected which has nothing to do with tech or trade shows, but still a conversation that mattered – to him. And then a hashtag was born…

Ruben begins a new segment on this one which should appeal to marketers (or maybe not), and then Taylor talks about her new nickname and attending InfoComm for the first time. The conversation begins with Katye and all that she’s doing in preparation for the show with KMB Communications, along with the clients she represents. John picks up talking about what InfoComm means to him and what he enjoys about attending the show, along with thoughts from the integrator perspective as well as planning. Jeremy, a CTS-D, CTS-I, picks up on the conversation and talks about the “human connection” factor at the show. He also talks about teaching at InfoComm (he’ll be teaching CTS-D prep with a well-known InfoComm award recipient). Justin Rexing who is a CTS-D has taught at InfoComm for six years (he teaches with Chuck Espinoza this year) and discusses what he looks to do at InfoComm, including education sessions.

Justin Watts also talks about teaching at the show which he has been doing for five years now, along with how he’s attending for the first time in a different professional role. He has a “day three method” of teaching too – listen in for this one. After a few promotional announcements at the break announced by Corey and Alesia (where John also talks about the social media platform he doesn’t get), the conversation focuses on technologies at the show and what each guest is looking for. There’s “on the network” as well as cybersecurity talk here too as it’s of course a hot-button discussion in the industry. There is digital signage discussion here as well, as there is a major focus at the show in being one of the Pavilions. Jeremy and Justin Rexing add in a very good discussion of AV as a Service. Finally, talk about the collaboration board.

To end, all talk about the after-hours at the show – find out who the real partiers are.

So sit back, plug in and join us as we rev up on this one and live…

The AV Life.

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