Episode 36: Tech, Beers and Da Brawns (A Special)

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Megan Powers, Jeremy Elsesser and Joey D’Angelo as they welcome their guests:

Alan Brawn – Principal at Brawn Consulting
– and his partner in beers and tech…
Jonathan Brawn – Principal at Brawn Consulting

On a very special episode of The AV Life, the Crew get together with the Brawns, display technology/digital signage gurus and craft beer aficionados to kick back and shoot the breeze over some quality beers (well, mostly) and InfoComm too.

The Brawns along with each of the Crew members talk about their beer and tech stories, with some insightful thoughts along with fun moments – probably more of the latter.

How does beer and technology mix? Jeremy Elsesser will tell you as he talks about InfoComm and how this all apparently becomes synonymous with it. So many choices to make when it comes to booth stops during happy hours and social get togethers, however again the tie-in to all of that – that’s right, the beers.

As for Da Brawns, there is much wisdom from Alan of course and we certainly get it on this show. In fact where else can you get twice the Brawns with twice the wisdom? Katye knows the answer, and she tells.

There’s someone on this show drinking a beer that just doesn’t go with the others according to – everyone. Who is it? And why is this person still on this show? There’s some buzz taking place on this one, and someone will win. You just have to hear it, along with all of the tech, beer and Da Brawns. And make sure you hashtag it. All of it.

Who’s the Crew member in top form on this one? This one’s a slam dunk for Justin Watts, The AV Life’s beer and tech rep. Manufacturers have their product reps, we have ours.

We get in a little more of that Brawns wisdom toward the end, make sure you listen for it as this is the one place you can get it, while relaxing and drinking a beer. Enjoy this last show (before The Show) in the virtual bar, with the real Brawns.

Sit back, plug in and join us for our own pre-InfoComm happy hour with the Crew and two great AV people as we live…

The AV Life.

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