Episode 41: A Different Kind of Major Event Experience – San Diego Comic-Con

The AV Life takes a look at a different kind of event – San Diego Comic-Con! Join the Crew: Host Megan Powers and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Suzette Valle – author and entertainment blogger – owner and Founder of Mammarazi Knows Best, Hollyblogger for TheWrap.com and Staff Writer for CoronadoTimes.com.

Jimmy Lexzczynski – writes for BleedingCool.com, an Internet news site, focusing on comics, TV, film, and games. He lives for the original Adam West Batman, a big part of his focus at this year’s Con.

Andrew Lee – works as a systems engineer programming liquid handling robots in labs, also co-owner of LeeZy Babe Oven, a private home-baking and catering company. Andrew talks about his experience as well as challenges as an attendee in the “HOT” Hall H to see the best panels.

Sit back, plug in and join us for some great major U.S. event discussion as we live…

The AV Life.

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