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Episode 59: Holiday Party Edition II – Bringing a Year of AV Cheer (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join co-hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Megan Powers and George (Santa) Fournier as they welcome their guests for the second annual holiday episode on The AV Life.

We continue the show with group three:

Keith Yanke – Sr. Director Product Marketing at NEC Display Solutions
Maria McKinsey – Director of Business Development at Brown Innovations
Bill Cherne – Sales Engineering Manager at Sonic Foundry – Mediasite
Jen Cole – Owner at Backspace Media LLC

Megan Powers takes over hosting this group and begins talking with her social marketing co-host on ‘Making a Marketer’ on what’s going on in her world. Maria is next taking about what Brown Innovations does and some examples of the markets that they’re working in, projects as well as the experience including their partnership with NEC. Keith follows up by talking about working with Brown Innovations as well as the experience. Bill discusses working with higher ed with lecture capture and global expansion, video and he also talks about conferences and the corporate space. 

The show closes with group four: 

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation
Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at Tier PM AV/IT Workforce Solutions
Elaine Shuck – Director, Communication & Development at i2i Technologies 

Corey hosts the final group on the show and begins talking with Jon 9 about VIRTULARIUM® – he discusses what’s taking place now, talks about his partnership with NEC and Green Hippo, and using multi-image technology as a storytelling device (and details this technology project as well). Jon also talks about his new development in video wall programming, a combination of hardware and software, which he hopes to bring to InfoComm this year. Along with this, he talks about starting a non-profit foundation to bring video wall technology to education and arts institutions.

Next Corey talks about first getting to know Elaine along with education, which is a big part of her technology career. She talks about working with students in the U.S. to connect with other students across the world (Ghana for one), and how they will use technology in the future. She also mentions two teachers in Alaska who have done very big things with videoconferencing. Marika finishes the show talking about Tier PM and what the company does that has set them apart from other recruiters in AV/IT, along with her background in the IT industry. Corey and Marika talk about how they met, how they’ve worked together in podcasting and have been doing the Hot Jobs for all that time. 

Sit back, plug in and have a very happy holiday! 

Episode 59: Holiday Party Edition II – Bringing a Year of AV Cheer (Part 1)

(See episode with pictures on

Join co-hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Megan Powers and George (Santa) Fournier as they welcome their guests for the second annual holiday episode on The AV Life.

The guests joined in four separate groups, here in Part 1 you’ll hear those in groups one and two.

In group one we have:
Randy Pagnan – President/Owner, and Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions 
Penny Sitler – Marketing Manager at Draper, Inc.
Adrian Doughty – National Sales Manager at Nureva
Apryl Lamberti – Director of Business Development – Hospitality at Almo Professional A/V

Corey hosts the first group as Adrian Doughty begins by talking about some of the big things taking place with Nureva, Randy and Brandy (who were re-named for the show) talk about the business as well as a recent big project, Apryl Lamberti discusses a number of things happening in Almo Professional A/V’s Hospitality Division, and Penny Sitler talks about some of the big occurrences for Draper, from the rebrand to the launch of their new website. An “unplanned guest” joins in, and the group gets to answer a trivia question about a company that has been in the industry for a very long time.

Group two brought us two InfoComm 2017 Award Winners, 4 CTS-Duals, and a woman who flies drones professionally and may have qualified as a wiring nightmare.

Bill Nattress (CTS-D, CTS-I) – Director of Channel Strategy – Paging at Biamp Systems  (CTS Holder of the Year)
James Maltese (CTS-D, CTS-I) – President at Audio Visual Resources  (Educator of the Year)
Paul Zielie (CTS-D, CTS-I) – Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Harman Professional
Jake Corlett (CTS-D, CTS-I) – Regional Manager – North Central at Biamp Systems 
Christina Engh – COO at UAS Solutions Group

Katye takes over hosting group two (after keeping her dog Jackson from grabbing her antlers) talking with all about how they are, what they’re doing and why Christina is dressed the way she is. Last year’s ugly sweater winner Jake Corlett decided to let someone else win this year. Paul talks about what he had to leave to join all on the show, James might be looking to go for the contest wins, and brings a very good AV and data conversation to the show. Bill discusses how he’s winding down for the year, and talks wine and music too. A true AV and drones trivia question for this group, listen in.

Sit back, plug in, and enjoy Part 1 of The AV Life holiday show!

Episode 58: A Discussion With CEDIA’s 2018 Board of Directors – Global Insights, Lessons Learned and More

Join host Katye McGregor Bennett as she welcomes CEDIA 2018 Board of Directors guests:

Executive Committee:

Dennis Erskine (Chairperson) – President, Erskine Group, Inc. (Vancouver, WA)
Omar Hikal (Secretary) – Principal, Archimedia (Cairo, Egypt)


Henry Clifford – Owner, Livewire, LLC (Richmond, VA)
Rob Sutherland – Managing Director at Inspired Dwellings (London, United Kingdom)
Joe Whitaker – Founder/President at The Thoughtful Home (Creve Coeur, MO)

Newly Elected Board Directors:

Heather Sidorowicz – President/Owner at Southtown Audio Visual (Hamburg, NY)
Matt Scott – President at Omega Audio Visual (London, Canada Area)

The CEDIA Board of Directors defines the association’s vision and identifies its strategic direction. These leaders continually connect with members to make sure CEDIA’s strategic principles remain relevant and are adaptable to our members’ changing needs.

After introducing the guests and having them tell something about themselves, Katye talks with those on the show who will be continuing their service on the CEDIA Board about being a part of the Board, and perspectives on the global organization. The two new Board Directors, Heather Sidorowicz (the first woman to serve on CEDIA’s Board) and Matt Scott enter the discussion as Katye asks all about lessons they’ve learned in the industry along the way, to go along with advice they have for those in the business.

Finally, Katye talks about how CEDIA members should view the 2018 Board and addresses numerous topics in the discussion. Make sure you listen to Dennis Erskine at the end talk about Heather and Matt joining the Board, and both of them talking about what it means to them.

Sit back, plug in and enjoy a very insightful (along with a bit of fun) show with the CEDIA Board of Directors as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 57: Good Friends and a Wonderful AV Life – This One’s For You Ron Camden (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett for this Part 2 as they continue conversation with Ron and the other guests. Ron begins by talking about a statement made by Chuck Wilson (from the article) calling Ron a “champion for the system integrator” – a very important discussion for the integrators. Betsy then talks about Ron’s involvement with AVIXA as the President, Board of Directors International Communications Industry Foundation (ICIF) and how he has inspired her and other members of the Board as well. There’s also discussion of Michael Vergauwen, and the Michael Vergauwen Scholarship. Ron’s volunteering in the industry is talked about here too (he was an InfoComm Volunteer of the Year).

Corey reads a great statement Ron made from the article about “making a difference” and what that should mean to all, especially those who are newer to the industry. Ron then talks about relationships he has made with the guests and all he’s gotten to know, and what that all means to him.

Finally, the guests get to tell some fun stories about Ron, along with wishing him well in his retirement at the end. Also two more great surprises for Ron toward the end, one from some Biamp people across the world.

A terrific tribute to one of the most well-respected people in the AV industry – so sit back, plug in and we hope you enjoy this one while we all live…

The AV Life.

Episode 57: Good Friends and a Wonderful AV Life – This One’s For You Ron Camden (Part 1)

Join host Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests on this very special show:

The guest of honor: Ron Camden – Vice President of Global Sales at Biamp
Matt Czyzewski – Executive Vice President of Technology at Biamp
Graeme Harrison – Executive Vice President of Marketing at Biamp
Steve Metzger – former President & CEO of Biamp
Read Wineland – former Sales Development Director for Biamp (retired)
Cory Schaeffer – Director, Systems Solutions Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC
Betsy Jaffe – Senior Vice President, Member Services at AVIXA
Jay Rogina – Principal at Spinitar
Barry Goldin – President, Unified AV Systems
Mark Valenti – President & CEO at Sextant Group

Called “a legend in this industry” on the show, a thought shared by many, Ron Camden has been a great partner in business and a very good friend to those who he has worked with at Biamp, along with integrators and especially InfoComm International/AVIXA. He has been in very close association with others in manufacturing in roles with AVIXA and more. Ron recently announced his retirement, and will be leaving the industry after a 30 year AV career – all with Biamp.

Listen to all of the guests on this part one of the show as they talk about Ron, meeting him for the first time, getting to know him and what he’s meant to them and the industry.

There are some surprises on the show as well – on this part one another guest drops in to talk to Ron.

Note: There’s reference to Commercial Integrator article ‘Biamp’s Ron Camden Leaves Legacy of Helping As He Nears Retirement in January’ on this podcast.