Episode 79: Live Events and Immersive Environments with Green Hippo Innovations and AV’s Techno Shaman

Join the Crew host Brittney Lanni, and co-host Rachel Schwerin as they welcome their guests:

Jon 9 – Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM, CEO at Holonyne Corporation
Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager, West Coast at Green Hippo

The AV Life’ Live Events shows are back with Brittney at the helm, and Rachel is her co-host (along with being her co-worker) for the shows. Brittney (Creative Producer – Live Events at O’Keefe Communications) begins by introducing the guests – Jon 9 explains his Techno-Shaman title, and how aims to create new forms of experience. Jon also talks about video walls and what they were in the past compared to today, including his sophisticated creative technology. 

Brittney asks the guests to talk about evolution of the technology, and Cynthia begins talking about Green Hippo in terms of the tools and creative elements. Cynthia also talks about Green Hippo’s close working relationship with Jon 9.  Brittney talks about the environments and human senses, and she also asks Rachel (Associate Producer/Storyteller at O’Keefe Communications) to talk about the “storytelling” element. 

Jon 9 talks about his entry into the tech world from theater, along with storytelling through creative videowall technologies. He also talks about engaging and getting through to the audience in terms of the conscious and the subconscious along with how he accomplishes this, including creating video walls in the trade show world. He adds in his usage of Green Hippo’s Hippotizer real-time media server technology. 

Brittney then asks Jon 9 about creating the content and environment, and experiencing stories in a whole new way – he talks about visual harmonics and video walls, in terms of what happens between the screens. After Rachel poses a question, Cynthia talks about collaborative art and Green Hippo’s tech tools, also incorporated with live events.

Jon 9 talks about Hippotizer for live events, event production and trade shows – he mentions VIRTULARIUM, how one was created for NEC Display Solutions at InfoComm 2017, and usage of Hippotizer technology for it. Rachel mentions InfoComm, along with live events and storytelling, and Cynthia talks about Green Hippo’s Notch technology. 

Jon 9 discusses how it’s more about concept and platform, and not necessarily the hardware – and mentions data, deep learning and more as relates to video wall technology and creative development. Jon also talks about creative content and technology being a means of expansion and connection for the audience. Cynthia talks about creating the best tools for artists’ expression, she also discusses VR as relates to events (and Rachel poses a “reality” question here too). Jon 9 talks about how his creative videowalls, and especially VIRTULARIUM, present a certain reality along with engagement for the viewer. 

Cynthia discusses a customer’s VR live stream with Coachella, where people could feel like they were a part of the experience. She also points to escapism in terms of such technologies as well. 

Sit back, plug in, we hope you enjoy this engaging live events show and live…

The AV Life. 

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