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Episode 87: InfoComm 2018 the Vibe, the Viewpoints, Top Picks, and Awards – the Wrap

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Michelle Loret, Kaleo Lee and Alan Brawn as they welcome their guests:

Cory Schaffer – Director, Systems Solutions Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC
JoAnn Arcenal – Director of Marketing at McCann Systems
Leonard Suskin – Senior System Designer at SPECTRA Audio Design Group

After the introductions, the first subject is introduced – the vibe at InfoComm. Along with the vibe discussion come some very interesting perspectives on the show from the guests and the Crew, including the end user discussion in terms of their attendance at the show. Michelle, who comes from the structured cabling world has some very good adds to this discussion from that viewpoint. Cory, from the manufacturer’s viewpoint, talks about the “less is more” in a very interesting perspective. And a really big shoutout to the women in the industry. There’s talk of the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast, and influencers who were leading it. Alan talks about his recap of the show – a very good InfoComm products and solutions outcome discussion. Leonard and Corey add to this too. There’s very good discussion of community here as well.

Next is the “Top Picks” discussion where first Corey discusses his Transformative Top Picks at the show (focused on the First Ten). The guests each talk about their top 3 picks at the show – very good picks for each, and Corey has a discussion based on JoAnn’s top pick, something that he encountered last year (a startup company’s product) which he placed in his Top Picks at the show. The Crew get a pick too. Corey also talks about time he spent with QSC’s founders.

Finally, as InfoComm time is big for awards, the Crew give awards to the guests on the show. Michelle gives Cory (and Brandy Alvarado) a special award, Kaleo presents one to JoAnn that will certainly be appreciated by many across the world, and Corey gives a special one to Leonard – stay tuned for that one. Alan wraps it up with ‘The Final Word.’ 

And – stick around till the end to hear from brand new Crew member Ethan Lee, he’s a host-in-training for when Corey’s ready to retire…

Sit back, plug in, we hope you’ve enjoyed InfoComm 2018 time on the show and just remember two things:


and make sure you live…

The AV Life.

Episode 86: Meet More of the AV Women of the AVIXA Women’s Council Groups – Including Canada!

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Michelle Loret, Steve Picanza, Kaleo Lee and guest Crew members Brandy Alvarado, Dayna Baymann as they welcome their guests:

Mary Cook – Project Consultant at The Sextant Group
Christina Cruzeiro – Business Development Manager at Stampede Presentation Products
Cristina Lucas – Product & Marketing at Genesis Integration, Inc.
Megan Dee Durocher – AV/IT Solutions Architect at University of Southern California
Johanna Ocampo –  Director of Marketing at SiliconCore Technology

This next AVIXA Women’s Council Groups show on ‘The AV Life’ brings back Brandy, Dayna and Mary – and introduces new voices including Christina and Cristina who are heading up a brand new group in Canada in the Toronto area!

Brandy and Dayna join the Crew for this one, and Brandy (a bit voice challenged still) brings great information to this show, showing the true leadership of the AVIXA Women’s Council Groups (along with Cory Schaeffer) across North America.

Mary is first, she appeared on the very first AVIXA Women’s Group episode of the year, and she’s heading up a group in a new state now. Christina and Cristina – our #CanadaChristinas (or #CanadaCristinas?) talk about starting up the new Toronto group. Megan, who is an AV/IT Solutions Architect along with being an expert in Big Data Analytics, is next talking about what being a part of this means to her. Johanna discusses her efforts with a new group in Northern CA, and Brandy picks up on that conversation being in Southern CA.

Brandy and Dayna talk about their groups, and Brandy brings main talking points including #MyAVTribe, get local – the need to meet more than just once a year at InfoComm, areas where people can help and more. She also talks about the impact men also have on their efforts. Dayna also adds discussion of helping in local areas with the AVIXA Women’s Council groups.

Next is discussion of the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at InfoComm, the women talk about their experiences there, and Corey talks about his previous experiences at the Breakfasts along with a thought he had last year, that turned into reality this year. Michelle also gives a great take on this year’s Breakfast (and more) as well. Some special shoutouts here too.

Finally, each of the women gets to do a call-out in terms of joining up with the groups.

Sit back, plug in, and get to know these amazing women in the AV industry as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 85: Return from Hot Vegas: The Evening InfoComm 2018 Exhibitor Show (Part 2)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, Kaleo Lee and Alan Brawn as they welcome their guests:

(In order of appearance – Part 2)

Garth Leach – Director of Marketing at ZeeVee, inc.
Brad Price – Senior Product Manager at Audinate
Loren Shaw – Vice President, Marketing at InFocus Corp.

InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas – what can we say (no, really)? Another big show, true innovation, outstanding events, and the first time for AVIXA. The exhibitors – we have seven of the many on the evening show (we had four on Part 1 of the evening show, along with eight on the daytime Episode 84).

And we continue… 

Garth Leach starts this one off talking about what ZeeVee did at the show along with what took place at the SDVoE booth as ZeeVee is a part of the Alliance. Kaleo talks about what members of the SDVoE Alliance are doing and what it means for the work that he’s doing at AVCO. Garth also talks about Audinate and what’s taking place with SDVoE and the company, and Brad adds some discussion here too.

Brad continues talking about what Audinate did at InfoComm, Dante, audio networking and working with the SDVoE group. He also talks about showing the Dante Domain Manager, network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks, while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. He also adds discussion about their AVIO adapters. Michelle then “sets Brad up” here with a security discussion.

Loren finishes the show discussing “the InFocus of today” as he points to Jupiter, the company acquired by InFocus in late 2015, and talks about the new Jupiter PixelNet 2.0. Then, the discussion in what he refers to as “the traditional collaboration side of the house” turns to InFocus’ new wireless presentation system SimpleShare, and finally the company’s main product line – Mondopad. Loren and Corey have an in-depth discussion about the new products in the line.

All of the guests, including those remaining from Part 1 reveal what they “brought to the table” – Alan talks about an excellent conversation he had with AVIXA COO Heidi Voorhees, and the show closes with the remaining guests answering the question ‘how do you live the AV life?’

Sit back, plug in, and we hope you’ve enjoyed all of the pre- and post-InfoComm 2018 exhibitor shows (with your favorite beverage) while we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 85: Return from Hot Vegas: The Evening InfoComm 2018 Exhibitor Show (Part 1)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, Kaleo Lee and Alan Brawn as they welcome their guests:

(In order of appearance – Part 1)

Chris Fitzsimmons – Product Manager at Biamp Systems 
Lisa Kirtly – President and Co-Founder at Total Channel 
Lauren Simmen – Manager, Marketing at AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection (SurgeX and ESP)
Aurangzeb Kahn – President & CEO at Altia Systems, Inc.

InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas – what can we say (really)? Another big show, true innovation, outstanding events, and the first time for AVIXA. The exhibitors – we have seven of the many on the evening show (we had eight on the daytime Episode 84).

Chris begins talking about a big award win at the show (literally), as well as discussing new products shown at ISE and InfoComm for Tesira. Brand new for Biamp (shown at InfoComm) is SageView, and Chris details this software for tech and IT managers – along with a brand new product he’s working on. He also talks about Rashid Skaf, his first InfoComm as CEO at Biamp. Alan and Michelle add discussion here.

Next, Lisa talks about starting in the business on the broadcast and integration side, and then moving into manufacturing growing into what Total Channel is today – hardware and software-based digital signage. She details what Total Channel does in terms of product and support, including new features that they introduced at InfoComm (“signage on steroids” as she says). She also details their video wall processor line, showcased at InfoComm this year with a new 4K video wall processor, along with a new IP layer. Alan adds key discussion on digital signage here. 

Chris and Lisa, before they have to go, answer the question about how they live the AV life. Lauren continues with talking about SurgeX large format UPS’s and new products brought to InfoComm. She also talks about a developers area at the booth, allowing them to bring more useful products to the integrators. Alan also adds here, talking about how SurgeX addresses power issues. Michelle adds to the discussion as well. Aurangzeb is next, talking about Altia Systems, the manufacturer of Panacast, and new technology they had built and showcased at InfoComm, to go along with the great level of interest they received at the show. All on the show are impressed as well, and Michelle had a bit of FOMO – you’ll hear about it…

Lauren and Aurangzeb answer that question in Part 2. 

Sit back, plug in and enjoy this Part 1 of the show. 

Episode 84: Return From the Desert – The Daytime InfoComm 2018 Exhibitor Show

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Steven Picanza as they welcome their guests:

(In order of appearance)

Hannah Grap – VP Corporate Marketing at Prysm Inc.
Mark Tracy – VP of Marketing at Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.
Derek Badala  – Director of Sales – Americas at Synthax Inc. (RME, myMix, Ferrofish, Alva)
Paul  Harris – CEO at Aurora Multimedia Corp
YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN Technology 
Ed Whitaker – General Manager at Lighthouse Technologies Limited USA 
Mario DiAntonio – Technical Account Manager – Channel Team Leader at Samsung Electronics America
Rob Goldberg – Director at Vivitek 

nfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas – what can we say? Another big show, true innovation, outstanding events, and the first time for AVIXA. The exhibitors – we have eight of the many here, and we’ll have more on the evening episode. 

In order, the guests talk about what products and solutions they showcased at InfoComm, as well as the experience at the show. They talk about how their products, solutions and companies are AV market differentiators. And don’t call it gamechanging… 

Hannah is first talking about Prysm’s new LPD-6K series video walls (up to 190″), along with an end user who spoke at the show. Mark details what Middle Atlantic brought – especially one product in particular – along with their InfoComm theme, and being the with the companies under Legrand in a combined booth. Derek talks about Synthax and their audio solutions, being cost-effective vs. other solutions on the market, what they do in-house, and getting into the audio network world. Michelle has a conversation about Dante and AVB with Derek here. Paul is next and discusses all that Aurora Multimedia showcased at InfoComm, talking about AVoIP, HDBaseT and the SDVoE Alliance. He also discusses ReAX, an industry first non-proprietary IP Control based on AV/IT industry standards. 

YT discusses ATEN product lines along with control system, and certified HDBaseT training that she conducts. ATEN also joined the SDVoE Alliance booth, and was in a panel discussion with Paul, talking about HDBaseT. Steve has a comment about design thinking, and he mentions convergence (in a good way). Ed details how Lighthouse they have been building and installing LED’s before many of the manufacturers that attend the show. He also talks about exhibitors at the show who wanted to display Lighthouse screens. He discusses their Quantum fine pixel series and mobile LED. Mario talks about all of Samsung’s products and solutions showcased at InfoComm, and especially their “showstopper” product The Wall. He talks about Samsung’s heavy investment in LED as well. Rob finishes up by talking about recently joining Vivitek (although he’s been in AV for 20 years in education), he’ll be handling the projector line, and NovoConnect at the company. 

Along with the experience, each of the guests is asked the question “how do you live the AV Life?” 

Sit back, plug in and do what you, and we love – and that’s live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 83: The New Trade Show Taking the AV Industry By Storm – #NonComm18

Join the Crew host Corey Moss and Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Harry Meade (@AVGrump) – Industry Grump/Swag Hunter/Design Engineer at systems integrator
Art of AV (@ArtDanner) – Public Figure/Visionary Technologist/Account Manager at systems integrator
Gabe Moronta (@mogabr) – Owns Tech Skills/Project Manager/Works for top enterprise video communications company

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to hear is a podcast with the founding members of a new force to be reckoned with in the AV industry – that being #NonComm18. Never before has a group of savvy AV’ers put together such an electrifying event with no known location, yet accessible to the world – which has all of the makings of a great trade show!

One of their members though (who never joined on the show) has no clue whatsoever as to how to run a trade show, and also drops a lot of balls – yet he’s that guy they put in charge. Which begs the question… is it safe?

Corey and Michelle begin talking with Gabe who is attending a special event in London, England – he gives some interesting insights to #NonComm18 and then, well, he had to split as impending doom awaited him (his wife would be hunting him down).

Harry, an InfoComm attendee for quite some time, discusses the trade show’s first year in business, the organization, the “show floor,” their new special adviser, and much more. There’s talk of a parade. Oh yes, and that guy. 

Art finally joins sometime during the show (he woke up late) talking about – what else – that guy who just messes up. It’s truly incredible. Art then introduces himself and talks about how he’s relatively new to the industry, as well as how he attended InfoComm last year. This year, he’s a man on a mission with #NonComm18. There are education sessions too, Art and Harry go over those. They also talk about the #AVSelfie. 

There is something that will be “optional” – listen in for that. And for all of Harry’s fans there will be a swag hunt – which he’s been famous for at InfoComm. How do you pull off a virtual swag hunt? This is where trade show crossover comes into play, and could well be an economic indicator for the real and virtual sides of AV. 

So, if you can’t attend InfoComm – well, this is truly the experience for you.

That’s about the size of it (sorry)! Sit back, plug in, always remember and never forget while you’re attending either (or both) of the industry trade shows that #AVisLife – while you’re living…

The AV Life.

(Note: Comm Spoofcast).