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Episode 110: Shared_Studios – Extraordinary AV and Human Experiences Around the World Part II (Mexico City, Gaza and Oakland, CA)

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Jake Levin – COO at Shared_Studios
Ryan Howard – Founding Principal, Storied Systems and Technical Director, Shared_Studios
Richard Ventura – Vice President of Strategic Management at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
Amanda Roe – Global Public Relations & Research Manager at Biamp

Mexico City Portal
Curators: Tomas Ramírez, Ciela Herce, Ezra Ruiz

Gaza Portal
Curator: Mira Bakri

Oakland, CA Portal
Curator: Ellen Chamberlin, Youth Outreach/Storytelling Portal Curator at Oakland International High School

Listen to this special episode of The AV Life to find out more about Shared_Studios:

Portals are gold spaces equipped with immersive audiovisual technology. When you enter a Portal, you come face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal live and full-body, as if in the same room.

You’ll hear from members of their management team, two of the people and companies that they work with in the AV industry – NEC (displays) and Biamp (Devio), and five of their Portal Curators from across the world.

Sit back, plug in, go around the world with Shared_Studios and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 109: The Waiting Game is Over – Supercharge Your Content with SuperLumin

This episode is sponsored by: SuperLumin

Join the Crew host Corey Moss and Kasie Grant as they welcome their guests:

Hashem Ebrahimi – Co-founder – SVP Sales Engineering at SuperLumin Networks

Mark Ackerman – VP Research & Development at SuperLumin Networks

Conversation on this episode centers around SuperLumin (a STRATACACHE company):

From streaming video optimization to multimedia acceleration and network security, SuperLumin delivers competitive advantages to service providers and enterprises across the globe. With the most advanced technology available, these solutions are designed to increase productivity, enhance performance and improve the customer experience.

SuperLumin NitroCast 4.2 is the industry’s leading technology for enterprises of all sizes and scopes. NitroCast 4.2 takes caching to a new level by accelerating the latest Internet and Internet-delivered video, including Microsoft Silverlight™ and Move Networks™, and managing the heaviest bandwidth applications on social media sites such as Facebook™ and YouTube™. NitroCast 4.2 also has the industry’s leading high-performance Netflix™ cache.

Discussion of Scala, sister company of SuperLumin:

Scala provides the platform to easily create and centrally manage deployment of experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions. Scala has over 30 years experience informing, educating and entertaining audiences across wide-ranging industries like retail, finance, education, healthcare and more.

Along with discussion about STRATACACHE:

STRATACACHE is a global leader in digital signage. STRATACACHE provides a full suite of digital signage services that allow you to create, manage and display digital content across multiple locations and networks. With 1.4 million software and appliance installations and over 550,000 managed devices, STRATACACHE serves companies world-wide.

STRATACACHE content acceleration is powered by SuperLumin.

Sit back, plug in, listen to this conversation about UX, content and the need for speed – and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 108: Live Events Edition – Best of Both Worlds

Join the Crew host Brittney Lanni and co-host Rachel Schwerin

As they welcome their guests:

Jesse Damiani – Co-Founder and CEO/Galatea | Editor-at-Large/VRScout,
Curator/sp[a]ce gallery Ayzenburg

Emory Craig – Cofounder, Digital Bodies (Speaker/Futurist/VR, AR, XR)

With a brief recap of their events whirlwind this fall, Rachel and Brittney welcome their two guests:

Jesse is an entrepreneur, advisor, journalist, and public figure in emerging technology – Editor-at-Large of VR Scout, Series Editor of Best American Experimental Writing, and CEO of Galatea, a writing and project management tool for VR and AR stories. He covers XR, blockchain, AI, and media, with work in Adweek, Billboard, Entrepreneur, IndieWire, HuffPost, and Quartz; and syndication in CBS News, The New Digital Storytelling textbook, and REDEF.

Emory is the Cofounder and Partner at Digital Bodies, a popular website for news and analysis of immersive technologies. As a futurist and writer, he focuses on VR, AR, Mixed Reality and their creative and disruptive impact on media, organizations and educational institutions. In 2017-2018, he co-authored a series of articles for EDUCAUSE: “VR and AR: Stepping into the New Frontier of Learning.”

Brittany and Rachel learn about both Jesse’s and Emory’s work, and how they originally became invested in VR/AR/MR. The concept of narrative potential compels discussion about storytelling and how emerging technologies are changing the nature of experience. Jesse and Emory share anecdotes about ground-breaking and memorable story-based VR, including Carne y Arena, a virtual reality installation simulating the human condition of immigrants and refugees.

They address broader ethical implications and the responsibility creators have when crafting immersive experiences, and learn what Jesse and Emory see in the future of VR/AR/MR. The conversation wraps on passionate note, opening the door to our next dive into these powerful topics.

Sit back, plug in, enjoy this exploration of reality as the next medium – and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 107: Formula 4 Racing, the 15-Year Old Driver, the AV CEO and the Home Designer Race Fan – the Next Discussion with Emily Linscott, #thereal99

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Mark Linscott – Managing Director at iQ Communications Ltd and Director, Moose Motorsport Ltd

Emily Linscott – Racing Driver – multi award winning 15 year old Champion athlete – Brand Ambassador at Ropelet, Marchand Watches, BeeMetics (and pupil)
Vincent Bruno – Chief Executive Officer at Rayva Home Theaters

Toni Sabatino – Designer Owner at Toni Sabatino Style and National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) Manhattan, NY Chapter President

The followup to The AV Life Episode 103, once again Emily Linscott and her father Mark join Corey, this time along with Vin Bruno who is the CEO at premier home theater company Rayva, and Toni Sabatino, well-known home designer and NKBA Manhattan, NY Chapter President.

Both Vin and Toni attended CEDIA Expo (the leading industry event in connected technology) in September, and as we found out on the previous podcast, Mark was a residential and commercial integrator in the UK before forming Moose Motorsport Ltd. 

The conversation begins with Formula 4 discussion, and how Emily began driving an F4 car. In short, as Mark says she owned it – and she now prefers to drive Formula 4. There is an upcoming race in Malaysia – you’ll hear Mark talk about it, as well as getting Emily into the race. Emily talks about Malaysia, and all learn that this is a real test for a driver, which Emily is fully up for. 

Corey continues discussion with Mark about the upcoming F4 in Malaysia, and how demanding this race is in these conditions – along with the huge opportunity this is for Emily entering her 2019 race year. And — this would be her first ever Formula 4 race.

Emily talks about when she first began auto racing, along with a recent race in August. Listen as Vin talks about Emily and “natural born” talent, then Toni mentions that Emily coming to the U.S. very soon, to train with Pippa Mann. Mark talks about this, and what it means. Emily talks about it as well. 

Mark then talks about the 2019 race season, there’s further discussion about Malaysia, and how Emily is looking at it – the race, and this being prep for racing in 2019. 

Vin and Corey also talk with Emily about her rigorous gym training. Mark talks more about sending Emily to Malaysia along with just how rigorous an experience it is, as well as funding (you’ll find out more about this very soon). Emily describes exactly what it’s like to be behind the wheel, along with the necessary training, and mental preparation – Corey and Vin talk about such preparation as well. 

Emily talks about been nominated in certain racing categories – find out how you can vote for her.

Sit back, plug in and listen to this followup episode with 15-year old race car driver Emily Linscott as we live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 106: Rayva Home Theaters – an Entirely New Approach to Home Entertainment Design and Engineering

This episode is sponsored by: Rayva Home Theaters

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Vincent Bruno – Chief Executive Officer at Rayva Home Theaters

George Walter – President at Rayva Home Theaters

Listen to this in-depth conversation with Vin (who became Rayva’s CEO in August), and George about Rayva’s unique approach to home theater design and specification, technologies, and how they work with AV integrators. 

George talks about Rayva’s beginnings, the business plan, vision, and how every opportunity from the start became a “project” – though George talks about home theater as a product, not a project, along with selling the experience.  

Katye asks about the home theater environment and market segments, George also adds who some of the drivers are. Vin also talks about streaming content, and the difference that a Rayva home theater system makes. Katye also mentions the gaming experience – George talks about the immersive, and the huge opportunities in this category. Vin talks about how the Rayva Theater is properly acoustically developed, perfect for the immersive experience necessary for a gaming environment. 

George and Vin talk about the Rayva Configurator and Build Book – maximizing design along with profits for the integrator, while delivering the best experience for the client. They also talk about utilizing developed CEDIA expert best practices to properly pre-engineer the room. They also discuss industry manufacturers, and how the customer can choose from these companies’ products and solutions for their home theater technology bundle. There’s a way for the client to take a VR “virtual walkthrough” of their overall theater room. George then discusses how this makes it simple for the dealer/integrator to install the system. 

Katye has George and Vin talk about Rayva’s founder Theo Kalomirakis, and his well-known theater design background. George and Vin also talk about Rayva’s support. Katye talks about a home designer, who discussed the home theater as an “escape room” for her and the family to retreat to. 

Katye finally asks about how Rayva will be expanding across the U.S., and what else is next. 

Sit back, plug in and listen to this discussion about experiencing the Rayva difference.