Episode 111: Welcome to the Mind Shift III – AVoIP and HDBaseT

Join the Crew host Michelle Loret, Corey Moss, Kasie Grant and guest Crew member Adrian Doughty as they welcome their guests:

Paul Harris – CEO, CTO at Aurora Multimedia Corp.
Garth Leach – Director of Marketing at ZeeVee, Inc.
YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN Technology
Joshua Castro – Product Manager at Atlona

As was pointed out in the previous ‘Welcome to the Mind Shift’ episodes, many types of discussions occur in the audio visual industry – including in-company and client meetings, panels and networking conversations at trade shows, and social media interactions. Over the last few years the AV industry has seen changes and enhancements in technology innovation, approaches and implementation like never before, to go along with these daily discussions.

On this episode, we’ve invited four guests from well-known manufacturers to focus on AV over IP and HDBaseT discussion based on these questions (after guest introductions):

What would you say that you/your company has achieved in terms of industry AV over IP and/or HDBaseT leadership in 2018?

Compare/contrast AV over IP and HDBaseT solutions – what are applications for which one is truly better to use than the other?

The AV over IP vs. HDBaseT wars – is it time to end the madness? Or is this still a true challenge?

And finally, AV industry predictions for 2019 provided by all participants in the podcast.

Sit back, plug in, Welcome to the Mind Shift III (and more to come in 2019) as we live…

The AV Life.

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