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Episode 139: Nearing the Exit Ramp to InfoComm 2019 – the Exhibitor Show

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Peter Herr – Associate Director, Global Marketing, Systems Group at Shure Incorporated
Frank Pisano – VP of Sales, Americas at BrightSign LLC
Kelly Harlin – Analytics Platform Strategist at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN
Aaron Rozanski – Director of Distribution Markets at Vanco International
Jacob Marash – CEO and Founder at Stem Audio

Here it is, the final The AV Life podcast on the road to InfoComm 2019 in sunny (sticky, add your favorite descriptor here) Orlando. Six exhibitor guests join on this show to talk about the company (or what’s happening currently), what they’ll be doing at the show and why you should stop at the booth among the other thousands of stops you’ve planned (make sure you get them on the list!). Jacob wants to tell the whole Stem Audio story on the podcast – but just not enough time (really, on The AV Life?). Ask him at the booth, he’ll be happy to tell it (along with a tall guy you can take selfies with).

There’s also discussion about some of the fun stuff happening at the booth. There’s “the InfoComm cool” for each company – listen in for that. One of them has ice cream and it’s suggested to bring a beverage (the happy hour type) and make an ice cream float. Nope, we can’t make this stuff up, but stop by and give it a try! In fact one of those ice cream flavors is yet to be determined. Honestly.

Finally, there’s first-timer advice from each guest, and in fact one of the guests is a first timer! Find out who.

Some fun conversation here as is the norm on The AV Life, and really, what’s an InfoComm podcast without some of that? Could it be AV over IP? AVaaS? Haven’t we had enough already? No doubt we’ll never get enough.

What happens with the oldest and youngest companies on the podcast? You’ll see. Frank Pisano ends up with an official open invite for daytime, nighttime, and after midnight shows too. The AV Life AfterDark? Hmm…

The excitement is building for sure (#ForShure)!

Sit back, plug in and join us on this final ride on the AV road (the AV road?) to InfoComm as we live….

The AV Life.

Episode 138: The TIDE Conference

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests (in order):

(First part – guest from Madrid, Spain)
Julio Obelleiro – Co-Founder and CEO at Wildbytes

(Second part – guests from the U.S.)
Jeff Day – CEO, North of 10 Advisors
David Anderson – President and CEO at Mimo Monitors
Patrice Speed – Executive Creative Director at Britelite Immersive

Part 1 is with Julio Obelleiro, talking with Corey about himself, Wildbytes, and what he will be presenting at TIDE. Julio talks about creating experiences through innovation, experiential design, working with brands and agencies and more. He also talks about teaching which has been a part of his career, and what taking on the challenge means to him. At TIDE he’ll talk about thought and concept behind creating experiences, and connecting with the audience. Julio also talks about how he was invited to be at TIDE (his first year), as well as how his discussion could be of influence to integrators and consultants who may be attending the Conference (also talking about augmented technology experiences).

In part 2, Jeff (North of 10 Advisors), David (Mimo Monitors) and Patrice (Britelite Immersive) join Corey to talk about themselves, their companies, and discussions as well as panel presentations they will be participating in at TIDE.

A little more in-depth discussion here, especially with Jeff on the podcast who is the day’s moderator, or as referred to here “Master of Ceremonies.” Jeff paints the TIDE picture on the podcast so listeners will get an excellent overview of what TIDE is about. He also talks about some of the speakers of the day, and Corey introduces discussion on one of the speakers well-known in the AV industry as well.

Jeff begins discussion on creating experiences as this relates to the Conference, then Patrice talks about her career beginnings in advertising – what was available then in terms of experiential design, and what is currently available in terms of a career field. David talks about how creative and technology have to tie together to develop the experience.

Conversation then turns to Jeff as the ‘Master of Ceremonies,’ listen in for discussion of a special poll. Jeff focuses discussion on the day from start to finish, and his role – prepping Conference attendees here. He talks about more of the speakers of the day, again important to know about some of those who will be speaking.

Patrice talks about her discussion at TIDE on a panel “The Power of Interactivity” (which Jeff is moderating), she’ll be on the panel talking about a bar and augmented reality experience that was created at the World Cup last year. Jeff adds to this discussion. Patrice also talks about what she hopes to be the takeaway from her discussion for the attendees at the Conference. She also talks here about the user experience and story telling, also detailing Britelite Immersive in this discussion. Jeff follows up on this discussion too, detailing how people will listen to the speakers at TIDE and be more informed before attending InfoComm on June 12th, and creating more meaningful experiences.

David talks about being the manufacturer, along with the experience – on the panel discussion “Emergent Tech the Science and Creativity of Surface Haptics” (moderated by Margot Douaihy), he’ll be joined by Ed Colgate, Co-Founder and CEO at Tanvas, Inc. (Mimo Monitors will be bringing surface haptics technology with Mimo displays to InfoComm, in partnership with Tanvas) and others. David talks about the technology discussion at TIDE, where they will also have Mimo displays with surface haptics technology as people there will get to experience it.

Jeff closes discussion on the podcast, encouraging any who have not yet registered for the Conference to do so — find out all about the TIDE Conference on June 11th in Orlando, co-located with InfoComm 2019 (and register as well) here.

Sit back, plug in, and get set for a terrific conversation with four of the TIDE Conference speakers as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 137: Back with Emily Linscott, the Real 99 – A Racing Professional Training and Mentoring Experience, Being in the Public Eye, Influence, Inspiration, and Public Speaking

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes:

Mark Linscott – Managing Director at iQ Communications Ltd and Director, Moose Motorsport Ltd
Emily Linscott – Racing Driver – multi award winning 16 year old Champion athlete – Brand Ambassador (and pupil)

Emily is back on The AV Life, the last time (Episode 121) was discussion about her workouts, racing at F4SEA in Malaysia at the end of 2018, and what would be the year ahead in F4 – including training under Pippa Mann and the Lucas Oil School of Racing at Laguna Seca, through a scholarship. Emily is the first ever person from outside the U.S. to receive the scholarship.

This show begins with discussion about adding more to her training and conditioning program, competing (including the F4SEA Sepang race in Malaysia) – and that special training experience, along with an F4 race in the south of France that took place right afterward. There’s discussion of Emily being in the public eye, and talk about being an influencer.

All talk about the training and mentoring experience under Pippa Mann, who raced in the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. According to Mark, it was a straight on approach taken here where Emily was trained very seriously, and how this became a true mentoring experience. Corey equates this to mentoring in the AV industry, and how young people are influenced to join the industry, as Emily as a 16 year old is further influenced, especially here.

Emily and Mark talk about inspiration, Mark mentions Women in AV where Emily has had interaction with them – he talks about how inspirational the women in AV are, and how this is what is happening in motorsport with Pippa Mann especially. Mark also talks about how parents are part of influence in determining approaches for sons and daughters. Emily talks about bucking the trend.

Emily discusses a special upcoming opportunity where she will be doing inspirational talks at schools, in front of students – her experiences, and what they can achieve in life.

Mark talks about the possibility of Emily coming to the U.S. again, along with a special upcoming driving opportunity for her – listen in for that.

If interested in sponsoring Emily in the racing year ahead (and beyond), listen toward the end for more information.

Sit back, plug in, start the engines and join us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 136: Women and Leadership in the AV Industry – the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at InfoComm 2019 (Part 2)

This episode is sponsored by: TierPM.

Make sure you listen to Episode 136: Women and Leadership in the AV Industry – the AVIXA Women’s Council (Part 1)

This Part 2 is all about the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at InfoComm 2019, June 13th 7:30 to 9:30 AM.

Christy talks about how she and Alexis were responsible for overseeing all that has been planned for the Breakfast (and they got help). Corey mentions Alexis, as well as someone else he had tried to get for this podcast. He talks about some of the previous keynotes, and mentions this year’s keynote, the CEO of Shure, Inc. Marika and Cory talk about her and what she means to the Breakfast as well as the industry.

TierPM is the main sponsor for the Breakfast, and Marika talks about that.

All then talk about what they’re expecting at the Breakfast as well as InfoComm, Christy mentions some things that attendees can look forward to Thursday morning. Susan talks about connecting and reconnecting, as well as growing personally and professionally. Michelle talks about her positive experience from last year’s Breakfast, and she talks about supporting one another, as well as diversity. Cristina (her first InfoComm) talks about the Breakfast as well as being a facilitator for the Women in AV and IT event taking place afterward. Christina talks about the face to face aspect (it’s her first time at InfoComm).

Maura (it’s her first InfoComm being fairly new to the industry) talks about meeting women from different backgrounds and different ends of the industry, as well as connecting and how important that is. Marika discusses feeling the energy, as well as seeing people she knows as well as meeting people. She also talks about “sharing stories.” Corey talks about Cory as he knows her, and Cory discusses the first Breakfast (which she was at), and her great expectations for this one. She also talks about the topic of “women in the industry,” as well as the AV Tribe.

Finally, Corey asks each person on the show about a 5-year perspective about women in the AV industry – listen in for excellent answers here.

Episode 136: Women and Leadership in the AV Industry – the AVIXA Women’s Council (Part 1)

This episode is sponsored by: TierPM

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Maura Quinn and guest Crew Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Cory Schaeffer – Director, Strategic Industry Relations at QSC
Christy Ricketts – VP of Operations & Marketing at Contemporary Research
Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at TierPM
Susan Wilhite – Territory Sales Director at VIP Cinema Seating
Christina Cruzeiro – Business Development Manager at Stampede
Cristina Lucas – Manager, Product & Marketing at Genesis Integration

This show begins with Cory talking about the creation of the AVIXA Women’s Council and groups in the U.S. It started small, and has expanded greatly through today.

Next, Christy talks about the AVIXA Women’s Council groups in Texas as she oversees all of them (she is in Dallas), she was one of the early group starters as well. She also talks about starting up the Dallas group and how that happened, along with putting together this year’s breakfast with Alexis La Brois (the topic of part 2). Cory adds to this conversation too.

Susan Wilhite talks about getting involved in the AVIXA Women’s Council (she co-leads the Los Angeles group) and how she has built relationships through Council group events, including in other cities. Cory also talks about anyone wanting to start a group where none exists at the current time.

Christina Cruzeiro and Cristina Lucas (both head up the group in Toronto) talk about how they handle responsibilities together with their separate talents and capabilities. Cory talks about how terrific a job they do with meetings as well as attendance. They also talk about how there are many men who attend the events.

Michelle talks about the Houston group (that she co-leads with Alesia Hendley) and all that happens with that group.

Maura gives her perspective, being a young woman fairly new to the industry. She is also new to the Southern California area, and getting familiar with groups out there. Cory talks here about group events that have been put together, collaboration, and starting a new group as well. There’s also talk about Brandy Alvarado, the Chair of the AVIXA Women’s Council.

Corey talks about Marika and their friendship, as well as how it started (with a podcast) several years back. Marika talks about how the AVIXA Women’s Council has grown and her perspective on that.

Cory closes this conversation talking about relationships and mentoring in the industry.

Listen to this Part 1 about an influential group in the commercial AV industry, Part 2 is about the AVIXA Women’s Council Breakfast at InfoComm.

Episode 135: An Intercontinental Four Podcast Cage Match

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart, Carrie Garcia and guest Crew member Dayna Baumann as they welcome:

To go along with The AV Life (U.S.) are these three podcasts, and their hosts:

AV Jam (UK):
Jason (JP) Ward
Kev Talbot
Noel Kennedy
(Amy Redfearn, the show’s producer appears on this episode)

Higher Ed AV (U.S.):
Joe Way

Mostly AV
Michelle Loret

As the cage lowers and all get inside…

There are of course the obligatory introductions (by podcast), and that well-placed banter. Listen to Corey’s conversation with the AV Jam people, and especially Amy (in her first ever podcast appearance ever). Joe goes right out of the gate (as usual) to promo the podcast, then the book and whatever else he’s got in his plugging arsenal. He’s already got the sound effect intro for it.

Dayna Baumann (who is the only guest without a podcast) and Kev talk about being a part of SCN’s The Nine, and what it means to them. Dayna also talks about heading up the AVIXA Women’s Council Group in NY Metro (with Gina Sansivero). Michelle and Carrie also participate in the AVIXA Women’s discussion. And of course, the banter (Kev y’know) and even “definition time” (which occurs throughout the podcast).

Then there’s a little business discussion (this show took place AM in the U.S.) as they talk about follow-up sales calls and what CRM they use. Tim’s still “old-school” at Rutgers. Joe talks about the enjoyment of working with the next generation every day. Informative, but you know it can’t all be serious with these people. Then it’s all about Kev time, and Michelle has a name for it. And of course, it’s all about the hashtags.

Then, after this, as the four podcasts engage in the cage…

Each person gets to talk about their podcast and their perspective of it, along with one of those “real moments” on the show. Conversation here produces excellent reveals, some real moments in itself (at times almost indescribable) and deep thought (or as deep as it gets). Listen to Amy provide some real gems, including talking about content that’s not really necessary, and just how great the AV Jam guys are (umm…). There’s also AV Jam stick figure talk. Michelle had to leave to take care of an #AVFire. Joe talks about what he considers his most humbling moment, and how his podcast connects. More hashtags produced, and yes, a Joe Way rant. Priceless.

All also play trade show destinations, otherwise known as “next stop is where I say I’d like to go.”

Finally, a question for all who are left – if you could choose a song for your own show lead-in, what would it be?

Sit back, plug in, grab some popcorn and a cold one (or pint as it is) as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 134: Winging It – Generations, Podcasting, Industry and Shameless Plugs

Join the Crew co-host Corey Moss, co-host Tim Van Woaert, Kym Frank, (guest Crew) Joe Way and (guest Crew) Renee Benson as they welcome their guests:

Kyle Kennedy – Help Desk Manager at Video Corporation of America
Randy Murphey – Manager of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University
Hunter Stacey – Former student worker for Joe Way at California Baptist University (begins working for Spinatar next week)

After the usual Crew banter, the guests, who represent two generations – GenZ and Millennial – in the AV workforce (with Kyle also being one of SCN’s The Nine) are introduced. And then, Joe Way gets going on the new segment we call “Shameless Podcast Plug” – the guy will plug everything from his podcast to his book to his ideas for saving the industry one company at a time (and it has nothing to do with AVaaS).

The podcast – the guests talk about what they would bring to the table, as well as what the title of their shows would be. Some really good ones here, in fact one is nearly ready to become official.

Tim takes over the hosting responsibilities after this, and begins by getting the guests’ input on what it means to be in the AV industry – Hunter who is entering it right after being one of Joe’s student workers, Randy talks about his previous roles in AV before working for Joe, and looks at his future (and Joe has his say), and Kyle, almost two years with well-known integrator VCA, talks about what commercial integration life is like for him and what keeps him motivated. Joe and Renee have great input, and shameless plugs here from both – whatever.

There’s a break with shoutouts, then Tim continues to wing his way through the second half asking some on the show to give advice on getting more younger people into the industry.

Then it’s The Firing Range!

Why hire a private investigator when Alexa will tell you all you need to know about your cheating spouse while securing your home?

Phys.Org: Alexa can now listen for alarms—or, perhaps, a cheating spouse?

Even teams are chosen in The Firing Range (two weeks in a row) and Tim and Kym head them up. One team goes first, and they slam dunk it so hard that the other one fights to come up for air. Could it be game, set, match? Kym gives her team a hashtag name – and it’s a bullseye. She gives Tim’s team a hashtag name too – and that’s a bingo.

Sit back, plug in, go ahead and wing it with us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 133: Do You Feel Like We Do?

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Maura Quinn and Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Joe Way – Director of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University
Kaleo Lee – Sales Manager – Southwest at BrightSign
Carrie Leigh Garcia – Sales Executive at DC Group

Never before has a The AV Life show begun with guest introductions, shout outs and banter about Bundt cake. If you’re a cake fan, you’ll like what you hear – especially from Michelle, Carrie and Kaleo.

The topics for this episode:

For the love of an industry: Talk about why you love the AV industry

NSCA Ignite’s Send us a selfie video about why you’re hooked on AV gives you the chance to tell young people why this industry is so great. On this show, the Crew and guests will talk about why they love the industry.

A multigenerational view for the positive

We’re bringing back this question from last week with new generational perspectives.

The value of trade show swag

Here all talk about swag, and just what exhibitors could hand out to win over attendees. Some have favorite swag items, and we may just be putting together a Swag Council (hint: spinners and popsockets appear to be pretty popular).

Then, as always, it’s time for…

The Firing Range!

Stress at work, we all have it. So instead of going off on co-workers or your computer, you can hit, swear at and stick pins in a black sofa pillow robot that shakes instead.


Engadget: These ‘cathartic’ stress robots can take a beating

The debate begins in The Firing Range with even teams (hurrah), and ends in a win with a future warning, and a sea of emotion.

Sit back, plug in, eat cake and don’t stress out while we live…

The AV Life

Episode 132: The Generational Vibe

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Spence Graham and Renee Benson as they welcome their guests:

Michelle Loret – Senior Account Executive at Utelogy Corporation
Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications
Brandon Breznick – Assistant Communications Manager at Premier Mounts

Kym, Tim and Maura are missing and Renee steps up to replace them on this one. The show begins with a “shameless” plug (as the last few episodes have), this time Brandon gets to give one about Premier’s The Peak video series.

The topics:

A look at a growing industry: AV, digital signage and adjacent technologies (i.e. AI, VR and more)

All discuss this, pointing to adjacent technologies to go along with data and privacy as well.

A multigenerational view for the positive

Numerous generations represented on the podcast – Spence brings perspective as the Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, talking about those who have been longtime respected leaders in the digital signage industry. Brandon, who joined Premier out of college two years ago, talks about his experience along with attracting young people to the AV industry. Renee also talks about a current NSCA project looking to bring young people to the industry.

An onramp look toward InfoComm

It’s May, time to start talking about InfoComm 2019.

Then, as always…

The Firing Range!

Futurism: Oxford Academic: Invisible Aliens are Breeding with Humans

An Oxford professor claims that invisible aliens are interbreeding with humans to create a hybrid species capable of surviving future climate conditions on Earth. Yet he has no evidence to back this theory, nor does he have anyone on the podcast willing to buy his book.

Yes, this has Kym written all over it.

This time all revert to The Firing Range opinion format, and for good reason (like Kym, Maura and Tim are missing). One person on the show claims to have it all figured out.

So a whole lot of claims, yet still no “evidence.”

Sit back, plug in and get with the generational industry program as we live…

The AV Life.