Episode 134: Winging It – Generations, Podcasting, Industry and Shameless Plugs

Join the Crew co-host Corey Moss, co-host Tim Van Woaert, Kym Frank, (guest Crew) Joe Way and (guest Crew) Renee Benson as they welcome their guests:

Kyle Kennedy – Help Desk Manager at Video Corporation of America
Randy Murphey – Manager of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University
Hunter Stacey – Former student worker for Joe Way at California Baptist University (begins working for Spinatar next week)

After the usual Crew banter, the guests, who represent two generations – GenZ and Millennial – in the AV workforce (with Kyle also being one of SCN’s The Nine) are introduced. And then, Joe Way gets going on the new segment we call “Shameless Podcast Plug” – the guy will plug everything from his podcast to his book to his ideas for saving the industry one company at a time (and it has nothing to do with AVaaS).

The podcast – the guests talk about what they would bring to the table, as well as what the title of their shows would be. Some really good ones here, in fact one is nearly ready to become official.

Tim takes over the hosting responsibilities after this, and begins by getting the guests’ input on what it means to be in the AV industry – Hunter who is entering it right after being one of Joe’s student workers, Randy talks about his previous roles in AV before working for Joe, and looks at his future (and Joe has his say), and Kyle, almost two years with well-known integrator VCA, talks about what commercial integration life is like for him and what keeps him motivated. Joe and Renee have great input, and shameless plugs here from both – whatever.

There’s a break with shoutouts, then Tim continues to wing his way through the second half asking some on the show to give advice on getting more younger people into the industry.

Then it’s The Firing Range!

Why hire a private investigator when Alexa will tell you all you need to know about your cheating spouse while securing your home?

Phys.Org: Alexa can now listen for alarms—or, perhaps, a cheating spouse?

Even teams are chosen in The Firing Range (two weeks in a row) and Tim and Kym head them up. One team goes first, and they slam dunk it so hard that the other one fights to come up for air. Could it be game, set, match? Kym gives her team a hashtag name – and it’s a bullseye. She gives Tim’s team a hashtag name too – and that’s a bingo.

Sit back, plug in, go ahead and wing it with us as we live…

The AV Life.

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