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Episode 147: Just Sayin’ – Talking Everything But Tech

Join Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart and Renee Benson (from Chicago O’Hare) as they do a show about everything except technology.

After all the InfoComm talk, The AV Life felt it was time to take a break and talk about other serious matters.

The if we wanted fake meat for breakfast we would have asked for it dept.

Daily News: Dunkin’ Donuts introduces a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich

This week, Dunkin’ Donuts started selling breakfast sandwiches made with vegan sausage from Beyond Meat, making it the first U.S. restaurant brand to partner up with the meatless company for traditional on-the-go breakfast choices. Right now it’s only available in Manhattan.

And the other four New York boroughs rejoiced.

Brooklyn Nets center DeAndre Jordan joined in on marketing the new sandwich at the midtown Manhattan location. The question is, can a 6’11 basketball player exist on vegan breakfast sandwiches?

So when you go to Dunkin Donuts and get your plant-based sausage breakfast, make sure you order an Impossible Coffee to go with it.

The what happens when a burger from the west coast gets lost in New York? dept.

Pure Wow: The In-N-Out NYC Burger Mystery Has Been Solved (and the Culprit Is on the Honor Roll)

An In-N-Out Burger Double Double, in pristine condition, was found on a sidewalk in Jamaica (Queens), New York. How could this possibly happen, as the closest restaurant is in — Texas? Or could it be possible that this well-known west coast burger franchise is coming to New York, beginning with the streets of Jamaica?

(Note: there was a bit of technical difficulty in this segment, some editing was necessary).

The if the McBreakfast isn’t McBroken why McFix it? dept.

Business Insider: McDonald’s is testing McChicken McMuffins and Blueberry McGriddles as it tries to boost breakfast sales

As if they needed to add more to the McBreakfast menu, McDonalds has come up with a McBrilliant idea – add chicken, put a Mc in front of it and a Mc after it, plus roll it out only in Connecticut. What we’re trying to figure out is if those lucky people in Connecticut will be tripping over their tongues trying to say McChicken McMuffin? The Blueberry McGriddle rolls out in the DC area – looks like Corey is the lucky victim here!

And while there are only three, it’s still time for…

The Firing Range!

The c’mon HBO, you tanked the final season of Game of Thrones, do something about it! dept.

Time HBO Rejects Petition to Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 Once and for All

Not your conventional Firing Range, but you still get the pew pew even though Kym’s not here. Renee was great as subbed for her (and she got a strange look or two at the airport when she did it).

HBO has officially dashed the hopes of the Game of Thrones fans who wanted an alternate version of the show’s eighth and final season. There’s no real debate here, but one of the people on the podcast wants true justice for the fans. Tune in to find out.

Sit back, plug in, enjoy this tech-less show that tackles other serious issues in our lives as we live…

The AV Life.

(Apologies for any technical difficulties).

Episode 146 (Part 2): Bringing Pizza Crusts to the Storming of Area 51

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

In this Part 2, we begin with an article:

The why buy a few slices when you can get the crusts already prepared for you? dept.

Pretty 52: A New Jersey Chain Is Selling Just Pizza Crusts And The Internet Has A Ton Of Questions

First, this is the place in question – Villa Italian Kitchen. If you’re in the area, and you’re lucky, you may just catch one of the Crew members picking up some of those Neopolitan pizza crusts.

A quote from the restaurant chain’s Director of Communications and Digital Market: “We know that the crust is everyone’s favorite part of the pizza, so skipping straight to selling pizza crusts only seemed like the perfect idea.”

As usual, we’ll be the judge of that. In fact, some of the other Crew and guests may go there, grab some crusts and head over to the new Chick-fil-A in town to get some chicken strips to go with them.

Next, Kym’s favorite segment:

The Firing Range!

The go ahead and storm Area 51, bring a supply of pizza crusts and chicken strips dept.

npr: More Than 1 Million People Agree To ‘Storm Area 51,’ But The Air Force Says Stay Home

In The Firing Range, this time there really is no firing. Well, unless the military has their way with these lunatics. The storming is an event scheduled to take place in mid-September described as a “fantastical” idea conceived of as a joke on social media, whose popularity has spread fast. The AV Life will be providing an on-the-spot reporter when it takes place (who happens to be on this podcast).

Kym’s back so she and Corey head up the teams as usual, and Kym picks first in what turns out to be possibly a highly strategic move. No, it has nothing to do with the storming, or even aliens. One of Corey’s team members points to how we, as AV nerds, must support the efforts of those rushing Area 51.

Breaking news: one of the Crew members announces a ‘Storm Area 51’ co-located event. Could it be TIDE? One of the guests is also announced as the on-the-spot reporter who will be covering the storming – and he does NOT prefer pineapple with his pizza.

After a dramatic debate, a concession ends this. Wait till you hear just how offbeat this one was (remember, no Maura).

For those going, proceed with caution. Or just don’t proceed, like the Air Force has so nicely instructed.

Sit back, plug in, grab a slice (get the whole experience) and join us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 146 (Part 1): The Gong, Game-Altering AV Technology, and a Visit from a Favorite Quick Serve ‘Chikin’ Restaurant

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Kym Frank and Tim Van Woeart as they welcome their guests:

John Greene, Michelle Loret, Joe Way, Andrew Davis, Kaleo Lee and Jon 9

Notice Jon 9 – he has the gong. Notice Kaleo Lee – he’s driving while the podcast is going on. Let’s hope the gong doesn’t send him off the road.

And as we’ve always said – we can’t make this stuff up… 🤔

Corey begins asking some of the guests if they noticed any game-changing (urgh) technologies at InfoComm. The consensus was — not really. This leads to the introduction of a new Video over X innovation by Andrew that is so game-altering (better) that all on the show are not only blown away by it, they can’t wait to hear about further development in the coming months. Any manufacturers, integrators and end users ready to get on board with something new and now, listen in.

Jon 9 follows with a description of his own innovation involving the same technology platform. There is also an event taking place this Thursday that those in El Segundo, CA should listen in to hear more about.

Next – for the foodie crowd…

What is your favorite quick serve restaurant? Do they have the best out-of-home advertising?

Chick-fil-A does.

Did you happen to visit Chick-fil-A last week and dress up on #CowAppreciationDay? One of our guests says they may have. Actually, our call-in people on this show are from Corey’s favorite local Chick-fil-A in Dulles Town Center Mall in Loudoun County, Virginia and they talk with all about Cow Appreciation Day (one of the callers won the employee cow costume contest), being the original Chick-fil-A restaurant in Loudoun, and the company’s leadership scholarship program. We also think Corey may be getting a side gig here.

Kym also talks about a brand new one that opened up near her in New Jersey, and how people were camping out before it first opened its doors. We find out exactly why this happened. Tim wants one at Rutgers sooner rather than later.

We hope you enjoy this game semi-life changing Part 1, Part 2 coming soon.

Episode 145: A Movie Star Tribute, Technology, Education and Security, and the FBI/Facial Recognition “Dilemma” (The Firing Range)

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart and Spence Graham as they welcome their guests:

Lauren Simmen – Director of Marketing at SurgeX

Adrian Doughty – Director, North American Sales at Nureva

Scott Tiner – Director of Client Services at Bates College, and AV industry writer

First, the tribute:

Tim does a Rip Torn tribute on the show, appearing in his Men in Black outfit with the Zoom green screen showing Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith behind him.

The banter begins with the weather (like most conversations do), and we determine who are the northernmost and southernmost guests. Let’s just say Canada wins in the north – they always seem to. Spence is just a few miles below the Mason-Dixon line – West Virginia wins!

Next, more conversation as on the last episode, about animals to be released on InfoComm 2020 – and Lauren has a great one here. Adrian tries, but we’re just not sure how to get that animal into the Las Vegas Conference Center in the first place. Good luck with that one Nureva!

The tech, education and security discussion that follows is of course a more serious approach – which will also be picked up on further episodes. After this, the Crew and Scott talk about SurgeX and Nureva’s company tag lines, and Lauren really represents here for SurgeX. Adrian does give a very simple answer (no really, it’s simple) to cover Nureva’s approach.

The intermission (articles):

The if the bunk bed fits… privacy not included dept.

Fox 5: This bunk bed in San Francisco rents for $1,200 a month

Actually, this story becomes an excellent tie-in with this one:

The have money, why try to make friends? dept.

Futurism: This Is What You Get When You Rent Friends From the Internet

The answer to the “loneliness epidemic” – if you can afford to rent a bunk bed at $1200 a month, you can afford to negotiate a price for a rent-a-friend. Now if that’s not the true answer to loneliness in this day and age, we don’t know what is. Really.

Then, of course –

The Firing Range!

The when your privacy is never your own again dept.

The Washington Post: FBI, ICE find state driver’s license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches

In this week’s The Firing Range, since Kym’s not here Tim takes over as the “other team” leader. Corey is his opponent, and while Tim got to pick his team first, Corey was quite OK with his team (five people total, is what it is). Tim turns this over to Scott to debate first (who was somewhat against going first) and he rose to the occasion. So did Lauren. Tim closed it out for his team simple, short and sweet. Spence laser-focused his response (and gave us a new revelation as well), and Corey tried to phone a friend (who always has a card to play). That’s against the rules of course, and he then went for the close.

Who wins?

Find out the answer to this question, along with an Easter Egg hidden at the very end.

Sit back, plug in and feel the power (SurgeX, power) as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 144: Making Our Technology Worlds Go Round, Brainwave EduTech, and a Cold Tasty Beer

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Maura Quinn, Tim Van Woeart and Spence Graham as the welcome their guests:

Pro AV’ers Andrew Davis, Renee Benson and Gina Schneider

The usual banter takes place, and to begin Spence is introduced as a new Crew member. His reward for this is something that all Crew members and guests want – but hurry, it’s only going to be around for a very short time. All talk about how —- hot it is (or may not be) in their living place. Maura makes everyone jealous of course (the beach, y’know), and our Canadian guest talks about what’s going on outside his window.

First, a tech question: What to you makes the technology world go round now?

Guests and Crew talk about what technology (AV or not) is currently making their world better.

Cybersecurity and AV: We discuss Andrew’s article ‘Imminent Disaster — The Looming AV Threat‘

We do get serious here for a bit, as this has been high level discussion in AV for some time now. Andrew talks about why he wrote this article, and some of his perspectives concerning the AV industry and network/cyber security.

From Andrew’s article:

Worst case scenario, front page news tomorrow is an enterprise data attack worth millions that is traced back to AV equipment. All the AV equipment you installed will be ripped out, and the prophecy from my last article about the end of AV hardware will happen in the span of a week.

Some excellent perspectives here from Andrew and others.

(This discussion to be continued on another podcast – stay tuned).

And on another note entirely, this article:

The Welcome to the new utopian brand of education. Or is it dystopian? dept.

Quartz In 15 years we’ll be able to upload education to our brains. So can I stop saving for my kids’ college?

Tim is worried – very worried. Find out why.

If Elon Musk and other brainwave technology entrepreneurs have their way, brick and mortar colleges will no longer be relevant in the coming few decades. We will be able to download education from computers directly into our brains.

Sounds great, parents of young ones rejoice! However, how do we know what exactly will be uploaded into their brains – will we be producing more scientists and engineers for the greater forward advancement of humanity… or mad bombers and doomsdayers?

Then, as we know what happens at the end –

The Firing Range!

The When your beer tastes like a kid’s drink, does it become an extraordinary experience, or a violation on many levels? dept.

Vinepair Pabst Debuts Hard Coffee And Everyone Says it Tastes Like Yoo-hoo

This time Maura and Tim are the team leaders (Corey takes a break with Kym being off), and each choose pretty good teams to take on this subject.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, the 174 year old beer known and loved by so many, is now side by side with a coffee/YooHoo-like hard drink made by Pabst Brewing. So what’s the problem? Yes, we hear your argument PBR (or maybe all beer) die-hards, and while some of us may agree, others of us are really happy with this.

Or we’re pretending to be. This is a debate segment.

Who wins? Kym’s not here (she ended it big-time for the win last time), but we had yet another big-timer on this one – listen in to find out just how exciting (and happy) an end it was.

That’s it – sit back, plug in, and get ready to listen to a good one while cracking open a cold hard YooHoo as we live…

The AV Life.

Happy 4th of July!

Episode 143: We Talk, They Talk and It All Makes Sense – the InfoComm 2019 Exhibitor Post Show (Part 2: InfoComm 2020 The Purge, and The Firing Range)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Re-join the Crew Corey Moss, Kym Frank, Tim Van Woeart and Maura Quinn as they welcome their guests:

Chris Bradford – President at Newline Interactive

David Kung – Vice President, Product Strategy at Oblong Industries Inc

Bob Knauf – Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Poly

Tim, who is The AV Life Zoom green screen background master, shifted and shaped throughout the podcast with industry, foodie and other such images.

At the point where all began the segment “InfoComm 2020 The Purge” – the background message from Tim was “What’s The Buzz.” Who isn’t tired of all of those buzzwords and terms you hear on the show floor – and we’re here to discuss that. One of the guests goes one step beyond to talk about that great Orlando heat and humidity – though no one really ever has an issue with that, right?

Kym adds to the segment, unbeknownst to the guests (along with the other Crew members), asking what ferocious animal would be released on InfoComm as a part of The Purge. Some fun answers from the guests – Maura also has one to add, and Tim just goes with another green screen background image.

Kym then asks a question to the guests about their favorite thing that happened at any trade show or event they were a part of.

Then, it’s time…

In The Firing Range this week:

The “Are you ready for a new kind of incognito” dept.

Yahoo Entertainment: Firefox Wants to Help You Fool Ad Trackers With 100 Useless Browser Tabs

Advertisers are tracking you across the web to build profiles and personalize ads. Firefox maker Mozilla now wants to help consumers bury their tracks, and throw off advertisers, with a fun little hack.

And we’re in. All in.

Yet, of course this is the debate portion of the podcast, and for and against teams must be chosen. Kym and Corey choose, and while you may think you know who the winning team will be (does Maura play the emotion card again here?), stay tuned till the end when it’s slam dunked by one team leader, and the other has no choice but to concede at the true point of no return.

And somehow, with this foodie fans out there get more food references – stroopwafels (who would have thought). Was Chick-Fil-A or Arby’s talked about too? If not, they will next time…

That’s all! Sit back, plug in, and join us for the final post-InfoComm 2019 podcast (see you in 2020, with less buzzwords!) as we live…

The AV Life.

(Note: This show was recorded 6/28/19)