Episode 146 (Part 1): The Gong, Game-Altering AV Technology, and a Visit from a Favorite Quick Serve ‘Chikin’ Restaurant

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Kym Frank and Tim Van Woeart as they welcome their guests:

John Greene, Michelle Loret, Joe Way, Andrew Davis, Kaleo Lee and Jon 9

Notice Jon 9 – he has the gong. Notice Kaleo Lee – he’s driving while the podcast is going on. Let’s hope the gong doesn’t send him off the road.

And as we’ve always said – we can’t make this stuff up… 🤔

Corey begins asking some of the guests if they noticed any game-changing (urgh) technologies at InfoComm. The consensus was — not really. This leads to the introduction of a new Video over X innovation by Andrew that is so game-altering (better) that all on the show are not only blown away by it, they can’t wait to hear about further development in the coming months. Any manufacturers, integrators and end users ready to get on board with something new and now, listen in.

Jon 9 follows with a description of his own innovation involving the same technology platform. There is also an event taking place this Thursday that those in El Segundo, CA should listen in to hear more about.

Next – for the foodie crowd…

What is your favorite quick serve restaurant? Do they have the best out-of-home advertising?

Chick-fil-A does.

Did you happen to visit Chick-fil-A last week and dress up on #CowAppreciationDay? One of our guests says they may have. Actually, our call-in people on this show are from Corey’s favorite local Chick-fil-A in Dulles Town Center Mall in Loudoun County, Virginia and they talk with all about Cow Appreciation Day (one of the callers won the employee cow costume contest), being the original Chick-fil-A restaurant in Loudoun, and the company’s leadership scholarship program. We also think Corey may be getting a side gig here.

Kym also talks about a brand new one that opened up near her in New Jersey, and how people were camping out before it first opened its doors. We find out exactly why this happened. Tim wants one at Rutgers sooner rather than later.

We hope you enjoy this game semi-life changing Part 1, Part 2 coming soon.

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