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Episode 129: ReFocused, Ready, and What Did They Say?

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart and Maura Quinn as they welcome their guests:

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology
Adrian Doughty – Director, North American Sales at Nureva
Michelle Loret – Senior Account Executive at Utelogy
Kaleo Lee – Sales Manager – Southwest at BrightSign

And so it begins – the Crew and the guests, who are all in different time zones in the U.S. and Canada, start the leadoff banter. Michelle interviews Kaleo, John points out the advantages to working for a Frank, and Corey talks about one of the guests being the happiest person in the industry. Then the latest Tweetstorm (John wants in) – and it all unfolds from there.

Topic 1: InFocus ReFocused?

The Crew and guests take a deep dive into this story:

InFocus “Refocusing”?

The President of the company put out a statement talking about pivoting
its strategic business model, worldwide workforce reduction and
continuing to offer support to channel customers.

All offer thoughts and opinions on this “pivot” and decision, along with discussion of the projection market.

Topic 2: What is lighting up the tech world today, including strategies that are providing a leading edge for end users?

All of the guests offer up their thoughts, along with discussing what integrator and manufacturer responsibilities should be in relation to working with the end user. There was also the “generations” conversation among all on the show, which Maura helped to make sense of (we think).

Topic 3: Alexa improving the customer experience — by violating our privacy?

On Ars Technica: Amazon admits that employees review “small sample” of Alexa audio

All enter The Firing Range to discuss how Amazon is admittedly using human transcriptions to “improve the customer experience.”

“We take the security and privacy of our customers’ personal information seriously,” an Amazon spokesman said.

With such improvements, along with statements like this, should we even be concerned about our privacy anymore since we’ve probably already passed beyond the point of inevitability?

Sit back, plug in, hire a Gen Z (apparently they’re going to save the world) and join us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 62: Recapping CES 2018 with Some of the Experts (Part 1)

Join host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss and Jonathan Brawn as they welcome their guests:

Gordon Van Zuiden – Founder at cyberManor, Inc.
John Sciacca – Partner, Custom Theater & Audio, Contributing Technical Editor for Sound and Communications, and Technical Reviewer/Blogger for Residential Systems
Robert Keeler – Vice President of Residential Sales at Stewart Filmscreen
David Susilo – Technical Writer at WiFiHiFi Canada, Audio Video Calibrator and Sr. Executive Consultant at Update TV & Stereo
Mike Maniscalco – Co-founder, Ihiji

Gordon starts off talking about going to CES vs. other trade shows in the industry, and understanding what’s going on outside of audio & video entertainment and lighting control for the home. His focus is on intelligence in the kitchen and bath space, and he expands on that here including some of the brands and technologies he saw at the show.

John picks up discussing the voice control market, along with how Google messaging almost “took over” the show to get their name bigger in the game now. He also talks about his work with voice control and some of the expectations in the market. John also talks about the CES blackout.

Mike talks about how CES brings together many people from many different industries, and how the geek in him drives him to be at the show. He also gives his perspective on the kitchen and how it’s now a centerpoint of the home. Mike discusses artificial intelligence, machine learning and contextual awareness as well.

Corey finishes here talking about the Kodak KashMiner, their own bitcoin miner, something that generated a lot of discussion at, and outside of the show. He also talks about Onething Cloud along with blockchain technology that was introduced at CES. Onething Cloud won Most Popular Product at the show.

Sit back, plug in and enjoy part one!