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Episode 142: The InfoComm 2019 Show Floor – Solutions, Trends, Perspectives, Celebrations and Red M&M’s (Part 2)

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests, live on the InfoComm 2019 show floor:

Day Two (continued):

Garth Leach – Director, Marketing at ZeeVee Inc.

Joe Andrulis – Executive Vice President Corporate Development at Biamp

Day Three:

Josh Rush – Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management at Audinate

David Anderson – President and CEO at Mimo Monitors


Greg Topel – CBO at Tanvas

Patrick Kittridge – Product Marketing Manager at Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.

YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN Technology

Ted Vucurevich – CTO at Jabra GN (US)

Episode 139: Nearing the Exit Ramp to InfoComm 2019 – the Exhibitor Show

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Peter Herr – Associate Director, Global Marketing, Systems Group at Shure Incorporated
Frank Pisano – VP of Sales, Americas at BrightSign LLC
Kelly Harlin – Analytics Platform Strategist at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN
Aaron Rozanski – Director of Distribution Markets at Vanco International
Jacob Marash – CEO and Founder at Stem Audio

Here it is, the final The AV Life podcast on the road to InfoComm 2019 in sunny (sticky, add your favorite descriptor here) Orlando. Six exhibitor guests join on this show to talk about the company (or what’s happening currently), what they’ll be doing at the show and why you should stop at the booth among the other thousands of stops you’ve planned (make sure you get them on the list!). Jacob wants to tell the whole Stem Audio story on the podcast – but just not enough time (really, on The AV Life?). Ask him at the booth, he’ll be happy to tell it (along with a tall guy you can take selfies with).

There’s also discussion about some of the fun stuff happening at the booth. There’s “the InfoComm cool” for each company – listen in for that. One of them has ice cream and it’s suggested to bring a beverage (the happy hour type) and make an ice cream float. Nope, we can’t make this stuff up, but stop by and give it a try! In fact one of those ice cream flavors is yet to be determined. Honestly.

Finally, there’s first-timer advice from each guest, and in fact one of the guests is a first timer! Find out who.

Some fun conversation here as is the norm on The AV Life, and really, what’s an InfoComm podcast without some of that? Could it be AV over IP? AVaaS? Haven’t we had enough already? No doubt we’ll never get enough.

What happens with the oldest and youngest companies on the podcast? You’ll see. Frank Pisano ends up with an official open invite for daytime, nighttime, and after midnight shows too. The AV Life AfterDark? Hmm…

The excitement is building for sure (#ForShure)!

Sit back, plug in and join us on this final ride on the AV road (the AV road?) to InfoComm as we live….

The AV Life.

Episode 122: All About the Experience on the Road to ISE 2019 (Part II)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join the Crew host Corey Moss and co-host Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Paul Harris – CEO at Aurora Multimedia
Loren Shaw – Vice President, Marketing at InFocus
Anders Lokke – Head of Marketing at Pexip
Chris Thorson – Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing at Polycom
Lauren Simmen – Director, Marketing at AMETEK Powervar; AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection (ESP / SurgeX)
Victor Ramirez – Technical Sales Engineer at Aten Infotech

The in depth discussion about the ISE experience (along with what the company is doing in terms of products, solutions) continues as Loren talks about meeting with InFocus partners from across the world, and showing products and solutions for the first time in Europe. He talks about the Jupiter line, along with a revamp of the projector line and Mondopad. Corey asks why he thinks that this will be a bigger year for InFocus at ISE, and Loren focuses on new products and the refresh. Victor discusses how ATEN has been in the market for 40 years, and how people will come to the booth to see their products and solutions, certain ones that they might not have been aware of. He talks about KVM solutions, AV distribution and more. He also talks about attendees experiencing these solutions “live”, as well as a museum attendees will be seeing at the booth.

Next, it’s time to take a break and talk about stroopwafels. Actually, that’s the subject of this ISE show’s quiz, led by Michelle – with five questions provided (as well as prize provided) by Stroopwafel World in Amsterdam. All of the guests do their best to come close to the answers – one of them wins big, while another tries his best to get a half point. Paul also talks about some of his favorite eating places – listen in to find out if you might want to visit them while in Amsterdam!

Finally the guests talk about any demos and promotions they’ll be having at the show (Chris left the show earlier).

Sit back, plug in, we hope you’ve enjoyed our ISE 2019 shows while we all live…

The AV Life.

Episode 111: Welcome to the Mind Shift III – AVoIP and HDBaseT

Join the Crew host Michelle Loret, Corey Moss, Kasie Grant and guest Crew member Adrian Doughty as they welcome their guests:

Paul Harris – CEO, CTO at Aurora Multimedia Corp.
Garth Leach – Director of Marketing at ZeeVee, Inc.
YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN Technology
Joshua Castro – Product Manager at Atlona

As was pointed out in the previous ‘Welcome to the Mind Shift’ episodes, many types of discussions occur in the audio visual industry – including in-company and client meetings, panels and networking conversations at trade shows, and social media interactions. Over the last few years the AV industry has seen changes and enhancements in technology innovation, approaches and implementation like never before, to go along with these daily discussions.

On this episode, we’ve invited four guests from well-known manufacturers to focus on AV over IP and HDBaseT discussion based on these questions (after guest introductions):

What would you say that you/your company has achieved in terms of industry AV over IP and/or HDBaseT leadership in 2018?

Compare/contrast AV over IP and HDBaseT solutions – what are applications for which one is truly better to use than the other?

The AV over IP vs. HDBaseT wars – is it time to end the madness? Or is this still a true challenge?

And finally, AV industry predictions for 2019 provided by all participants in the podcast.

Sit back, plug in, Welcome to the Mind Shift III (and more to come in 2019) as we live…

The AV Life.

Trade Show Special: Interviews at the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour in Boston

The AV Life Crew member Corey Moss, Owner at Convergent AV, talked with various exhibitors on the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour show floor – from well-known commercial AV companies NEC Display Solutions, Peerless-AV, Legrande/Middle Atlantic – to Centricity, a managed services provider.

You will hear Corey’s interviews with the following companies (in order):

NEC Display Solutions – Orchestrating a Brighter World, leading manufacturer of projectors and displays  

Peerless-AV – Leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of audio visual solutions

Mimo Monitors (new Almo partner) – Small touchscreen solutions for conference rooms, digital signage, transportation and more

Almo Professional A/V nobox – Open new opportunities “beyond the box,” expand your business and bottom line

Middle Atlantic/Legrand (new Almo partner) – Trusted infrastructure foundation for ultimate system reliability, longevity and performance

Centricity – Enables you to scale your business with confidence by providing you with a range of services that are tailored to your specific needs.

ATEN – Specialized in connectivity and management solutions in information technology, professional audio/video (this is a discussion of HDBaseT Certification Training at the E4 AV Tour)