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Episode 148 (Part 1): Talking Young AV Professionals and Diversity in AV – Just the Way Maura Planned It

This episode is sponsored by: www.tierpm.com

Join the Crew host Maura Quinn, Corey Moss and Joe Way (guest, temporary Crew) as they welcome their guests:

Charmaine Torruela – Global Services Manager at Verrex and Chairperson of AVIXA Diversity Council

Brandon Breznick – Assistant Communications Manager at Premier Mounts

Takeiya Jordan – Technical Recruiter at TierPM

Yes, it’s time for Maura to take the host seat! On this epiosde, which she created, planned and produced, the focus is on young professionals and diversity in the AV industry.

All discuss how the industry sets a real focus to the young professionals that are in the industry, and the guests also talk about the ways to bring more of them into the AV industry. Maura, Brandon and Takeiya are some of the many young people helping to build this industry in all the right ways – an excellent conversation with these budding young AV superstars.

Next is the focus on diversity in the industry – Charmaine, who is the Chairperson of the AVIXA Diversity Council, Joe and Maura, who are members, begin the conversation here. Charmaine talks about the Council, and how the industry can become more aware in terms of diversity. She references Takeyia in terms of her being an industry recruiter, and how the recruiter can discuss with managers they’re working with certain things in terms of skillsets and diverse aspects of talent and technologies that can help expand the industry to go along.

Brandon talks here too in terms of developing grassroots education for different communities, and gaining perspectives in term of people of different backgrounds. He discusses putting people on the same page, sharing industry interest – how the Council can help drive change as well.

Charmaine talks about members of the Council on this podcast – Joe, education committee, Maura, communications committee and she mentions others as well. Charmaine also talks about helping people to get certifications. She also mentions some of the manufacturers and others who have participated to assist and help with the Diversity Council. Charmaine talks about being excited about the future.

Takeiya finishes discussing how Charmaine talked about having more diversity discussions, she agrees – and this is a young woman who sure has a voice in this industry.

To find out more see here.

Oh, and another Crew member was added on this show. Corey, the co-host addiction – y’know…

Enjoy this Part 1, part 2 (the brand new AV Life debate segment) coming next week.

Episode 116: Still Snowbound – A festAVus for the restAVus

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Kym Frank and new Crew member Maura Quinn as they welcome their guests:

Spence Graham – Business Development Manager at Real Digital Media (and Vice Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation)

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology

George Fournier – Design Engineer – Workplace Technologies at dancker

Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions (she was there, then she wasn’t – you’ll hear)

So if you listened to the last episode of AV Road House (the holiday edition), you’re ready for this episode of The AV Life. If not, don’t worry we’ll get you prepped on this podcast. AV Road House host Joe Whitaker, who is now officially a Crew member of The AV Life, had just a little too much fun. Maura took his place, now she’s a Crew member (Corey’s Crew member intervention is coming up in 2019). Some of the AV Road House guests apparently made it out before the storm hit, Spence remained, somehow John and George made their way there. And in no time, it basically became a show about nothing.

And just then, festAVus came to The AV Life.

Of course, all began to air grievances. AV grievances? Technology grievances? Someone’s wife aired a grievance and told him to get his butt up and take care of the tree? Yes, just listen in.

Feats of strength? Hold on, we’re getting to that.

Since all are in the Road House, it was decided they’d discuss an article – of course one related to outer space (yep – Kym):

The “Humans are not welcome on Mars but Martians are welcome here” dept.

Dangerous life on Mars? Humans could be infected and we could kill microbes on the Red Planet

Is there really any safe place for humans to be anymore? Will we soon see little people from Mars walking around on earth with surgical masks on their faces?

Then, of course, you can’t have a The AV Life/AV Road House episode without…

Feats of strength performed in the Firing Range (but this one’s a three on three):

The “Internet-connected devices and the monetization of every move you make (and every breath you take)” dept.

The Coming Commodification of Life at Home

We carry internet-connected devices and use internet-connected appliances. Data is collected and distributed at will.

What’s wrong with us?

Did the Crew and guests finally get out of the Road House? Will they be snowbound for the holidays? Will anyone even send a search and rescue party for them?

Sit back, plug in, enjoy the show, and the holidays as we live…

The AV Road House Life.

Episode 103: Meet the AV Integrator and Motorsport Manager, and his 15-Year Old Race Car Driver Daughter #thereal99

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes:

Mark Linscott – Managing Director at iQ Communications Ltd and Director, Moose Motorsport Ltd

Emily Linscott – Racing Driver – multi award winning 15 year old Champion athlete – Brand Ambassador at Ropelet, Marchand Watches, BeeMetics (and pupil) @emily_linscott

Corey begins talking with Mark, Emily’s father, about his career as a commercial and residential AV integrator in the UK (there’s discussion of CEDIA too), which leads up to forming Moose Motorsports (Basildon, Essex) – Motorsport sponsorship acquisition, consultancy and management.

They talk about Emily and forming her racing career when she was 14 years old – in fact, the first person she ever beat in an auto race was her father. And with that, a career began.

Listen to this discussion to hear about Emily’s young auto racing career, some great stories (including one that became an ultimate competition), her fans, a major racing scholarship that she received (the first person outside of the U.S. to receive it), career aspirations, and what it’s like to be behind the wheel of her car on the track at top speeds (and in a Formula 4 car as well).

Sit back, plug in, and listen to this discussion with a remarkable 15-year woman – a professional race car driver – as we live…

The AV Life.

Find this episode on Convergent AV as well for all racing images and more.

Episode 100: AV, Digital Signage, Bourbon & Bacon – It’s Just So Right (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Rich Ventura and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Rich’s people…

Kym Frank – President at Geopath
Brian McClimans – VP Sales, North America and APAC at Peerless-AV
Spence Graham – Business Development Manager at Real Digital Media
Jeffrey Weitzman – Managing Director at Navori
Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation
Maria McKinsey – Director of Business Development at Brown Innovations

Katye’s people…
Vin Bruno – Chief Executive Officer at Rayva Home Theaters
Alex Capecelatro – CEO at Josh.ai
Robert Keeler – Vice President of Sales at Stewart Filmscreen

Corey’s people…
Cory Schaeffer – Director, Strategic Industry Relations at QSC
John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions
Justin Watts – Global Operations & Service Delivery Lead at Facebook

(and let’s not forget Kaleo’s son Ethan).

This one continues with Corey revealing his bourbon of choice for the show, and then each of the guests (and the Crew) talk about what they brought to the table (in a glass), and how they live the AV life. 

Kim and Spence get to expand on what they do professionally, and others will as well. 

And Cory wants to hang out with everybody. 

And lots of scoop drops, just like Katye likes it. 

Rich and Corey do their best to finish it out, Katye is always at her best. And stick around till the end to hear Kaleo and the real star of the show Ethan Lee. 

Sit back, plug in, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this show with a total of 20 (or 21) participants as we live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 97: AV Family

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Taylor Meyer and guest Crew member Meredith Shubel as they welcome:

Scott Meyer – CFO at Electrosonic (Taylor’s father)
John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology  (and his son Mitchell)
George Fournier – Design Engineer – Workplace Technologies at Danker  (and his son Sean)
Linda Moss – Associate Attorney (Corey’s daughter)

A very special podcast, where well-known AV people and their family members join in this The AV Life episode. Hear stories about the people, their (AV and otherwise) lives, companies, use of technology, E-Sports, and much more – including a certain 10 year old who will really captivate you. Some real good fun to go with this one as well.

Sit back, plug in and listen to this special family episode as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 83: The New Trade Show Taking the AV Industry By Storm – #NonComm18

Join the Crew host Corey Moss and Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Harry Meade (@AVGrump) – Industry Grump/Swag Hunter/Design Engineer at systems integrator
Art of AV (@ArtDanner) – Public Figure/Visionary Technologist/Account Manager at systems integrator
Gabe Moronta (@mogabr) – Owns Tech Skills/Project Manager/Works for top enterprise video communications company

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to hear is a podcast with the founding members of a new force to be reckoned with in the AV industry – that being #NonComm18. Never before has a group of savvy AV’ers put together such an electrifying event with no known location, yet accessible to the world – which has all of the makings of a great trade show!

One of their members though (who never joined on the show) has no clue whatsoever as to how to run a trade show, and also drops a lot of balls – yet he’s that guy they put in charge. Which begs the question… is it safe?

Corey and Michelle begin talking with Gabe who is attending a special event in London, England – he gives some interesting insights to #NonComm18 and then, well, he had to split as impending doom awaited him (his wife would be hunting him down).

Harry, an InfoComm attendee for quite some time, discusses the trade show’s first year in business, the organization, the “show floor,” their new special adviser, and much more. There’s talk of a parade. Oh yes, and that guy. 

Art finally joins sometime during the show (he woke up late) talking about – what else – that guy who just messes up. It’s truly incredible. Art then introduces himself and talks about how he’s relatively new to the industry, as well as how he attended InfoComm last year. This year, he’s a man on a mission with #NonComm18. There are education sessions too, Art and Harry go over those. They also talk about the #AVSelfie. 

There is something that will be “optional” – listen in for that. And for all of Harry’s fans there will be a swag hunt – which he’s been famous for at InfoComm. How do you pull off a virtual swag hunt? This is where trade show crossover comes into play, and could well be an economic indicator for the real and virtual sides of AV. 

So, if you can’t attend InfoComm – well, this is truly the experience for you.

That’s about the size of it (sorry)! Sit back, plug in, always remember and never forget while you’re attending either (or both) of the industry trade shows that #AVisLife – while you’re living…

The AV Life.

(Note: Comm Spoofcast).

Episode 74: Time, Technology and Data – Factoring the Future of AV (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part One!

This episode is sponsored by Holonyne

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, (new member) Brittney Lanni, and guest host Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM as they welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions
Randy Pagnan  – President at rp Visual Solutions (on call-in)
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions
Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager at Green Hippo Media Technologies, Inc.

Jon picks up the conversation with Randy and Brandy and talks about something that rp Visual Solutions displayed at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) which Jon created the content for, and Brandy details and highlights it. Randy talks about platform and growing up in an age of information, this to go with processing data, the control room space, video walls and current enhanced data visualization capabilities. Rich also talks about the statement of content being king, referring here to data being the new currency – driving sales, delivering ROI and more, along with looking “beyond the screen.” Randy talks further about data and visualization, and Jon also puts a new spin on the content statement. Rich further expands on the data discussion here, to go along with privacy.

Jon then refers to “the attention economy” and how technology is evolving faster than society and culture has evolved to deal with it. Brittney expands on this, also talking about data, tools, visualization, time – and customer experience. Rich talks about Kroeger grocery stores (who were nominated for an APEX award at the DSE) compared to other grocery chains in terms of how they use sensors, data, content and more to drive the experience.

Finally, Jon gives a list of six emerging technologies, and asks each person to comment if these technologies are playing a role in their work and personal life. Listen to these excellent responses, which also follow along with the show’s theme.

Sit back, plug in and we hope you enjoy this look at time, technology, data – factoring the future of AV as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 74: Time, Technology and Data – Factoring the Future of AV (Part 1)

This episode is sponsored by Holonyne

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, (new member) Brittney Lanni, and guest host Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM as they welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions
Randy Pagnan  – President at rp Visual Solutions (on call-in)
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions
Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager at Green Hippo Media Technologies, Inc.

It’s the return of Jon 9 (who first appeared in VIRTULARIUM – ‘The AV Life’ Episode 39), and in a big way as he guest hosts this show which he also co-produced. After the usual show opener Jon takes the host seat, introduces the guests and begins by posing three statements to the guests (and the Crew) concerning time.

Rich talks about looking at what we’re trying to accomplish while delivering value, going “beyond the screen” and focusing on change over time. Brandy talks about marketing perspective and how time is crucial in terms of grabbing attention with the message and marketing strategy. Cynthia gives her thoughts on the subject talking about how the creative process is shifting in terms of time and expectations. Jon asks Randy about manufacturing physical things (as opposed to digital), and Randy talks about the cost actually being time, where the client many times “wants it now” and how that adds certain pressures.

Katye talks about demands on time and expectations, and how focus and communications can be affected, also relating to social media. Brittney talks about production/content creation time, to go along with human processing time concerning communications – and Jon also asks Brittney about her work being affected by social media technologies. Corey talks about being in two worlds of AV – the sales world (in the past) as well as the media world, time and some of the challenges that have gone with them. Then Michelle gives her take on time in relation to expectation and “perfection.”

Jon then brings up the topic of technology platform and the approach, along with the rate of technological change, how it relates to time. Rich talks about big data analytics, retail, DOOH, as well top technologies that retailers will be utilizing. He discusses time and optimization – and also talks about what to look forward to in terms of technology, personalization and engagement by 2020 (no matter the market). Jon asks Cynthia to talk about Green Hippo’s new generation of Hippotizer media server technology and how it relates to being more of a platform in a box. Cynthia also talks about interpreting data. Jon then asks Cynthia to talk about working with 3D models and virtual mapping on to them, she also talks about real-time content manipulation.

Sit back, plug in and enjoy Part One.

Episode 67: The ISE 2018 Executive Interviews – Dave Labuskes, Julian Phillips, Rich Ventura and Cory Schaeffer

Crew member Michelle Loret spent the week at ISE 2018 and conducted product discussions with exhibitors – along with one-on-one interviews with certain industry executives:

Dave Labuskes, Chief Executive Officer at AVIXA – Michelle sits down with Dave Labuskes who has come to ISE for the first time with the newly rebranded industry organization, they begin by talking with about this, as well as the “user experience.”  They discuss what people will be able to look forward to attending InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas this June – Dave talks about creation of content, as well as TIDE which will be taking place again at the show. They also talk about some exhibitor statistics, as well as how the shows are the epicenter of the industry. Dave also discusses the commitment to audio visual and bringing value over all of the verticals, as well as a focused discussion on digital signage. And of course, creating the integrated experience with audio visual technology.

Julian Phillips, Executive Vice President at Whitlock and Chairman of the Board of Directors, AVIXA – Michelle gets together with one of the AV industry’s leaders and top influencers Julian Phillips, who along with his executive role at global video collaboration company Whitlock, is the new (and first) Chairman of the Board of Directors, AVIXA. Michelle begins by asking Julian about his being at ISE, and he also details the European market in this conversation, including discussion of economies of scale. Next is a global discussion as Julian talks about the Global Presence Alliance (GPA), from its creation to bulding the global footprint along with the catalog of services, 24 x 7 multilingual service desk, manufacturing partners and the customers. He also talks about their sharing economy including development of relationships, knowledge base and new ideas. Julian then discusses his becoming the Chairman of the Board of Directors, AVIXA, and also talks about the organization, community and data analytics, including market research conducted by AVIXA. Michelle and Julian close with discussion of the industry organization’s name change along with the necessity of accessing analyst information.

Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions and Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) – Michelle sits down with Rich Ventura an industry leader in display and digital signage solutions, who is Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Digital Signage Federation.  Rich begins by talking about the acquisition of S[quadrat], and the Best Large Booth win at the show along with what took place in the booth. Rich also talked about some of NEC’s products showcased as well as their partnerships, and their strategy with Raspberry Pi and OPS architecture (and next SDM). Michelle then asks Rich about what to look forward to at the next shows – the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) and InfoComm, and Rich adds some discussion of the London Showcase, and also discusses the New York Showcase (now in its 25th year) in depth. He talks about a great focus on verticalization, and NEC helping integrators to put together the proper solutions. He discusses how the NEC executive teams work together at the trade shows – NEC Display Solutions of America and NEC Display Solutions Europe. He also talks about meeting with Dave Labuskes as well discussing education, analytics, AVIXA and DSF the organizations, and more. Rich closes talking about integrators going for the right opportunities.

Cory Schaeffer, Director, Systems Solutions Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC – Michelle catches up with Cory, one of the AV industry’s most prominent leaders as well as a leader of the AVIXA Women’s Council at ISE 2018 to talk about QSC the company and the culture, along with her role. Cory also talks about the large number of women at the company, and QSC “50 and Forward.” Michelle discusses the AVIXA Women’s Council and events with Cory (Michelle is a part of the Houston division, Cory heads up the Southern California division with rp Visual Solutions’ Brandy Alvarado), as well as how Cory has been a pioneer of the AVIXA Women’s efforts.

The order of discussion – Dave Labuskes, Julian Phillips (14:02), Cory Schaeffer (34:15) and Rich Ventura (44:00).

Sit back, plug in, and join Michelle and her executive guests as they live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 56: AV Friends-giving and Convergence

Join host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss, Alan Brawn and Jonathan Brawn as they welcome their guests:

Mark Cichowski – CEO at Clarity AV International

Christina Engh – COO UASolutions Group

Brian Lawlor – Director of Business Development at OneVision Resources

Katye hosts the show and begins talking with the guests and Crew about the Thanksgiving holiday and some of their memories.

Mark talks about the successful Technology and Business Summit events of 2017 and what to look forward to in 2018, including a new residential/commercial industry tech summit taking place in Ft. Lauderdale which Mark details as well (some interesting technology convergence talk here).

Brian talks about what OneVision Resources does as a full service solutions company and how they help the integrator channel. Brian also talks about his own background in integration before coming to OneVision. 

Christina talks a bit about drones (of course) and AV, along with her new high level position involving unmanned aircraft. She also finds a surprise, tune in to find out. 

Enjoy the show, and the holiday!