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Episode 142: The InfoComm 2019 Show Floor – Solutions, Trends, Perspectives, Celebrations and Red M&M’s (Part 2)

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests, live on the InfoComm 2019 show floor:

Day Two (continued):

Garth Leach – Director, Marketing at ZeeVee Inc.

Joe Andrulis – Executive Vice President Corporate Development at Biamp

Day Three:

Josh Rush – Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management at Audinate

David Anderson – President and CEO at Mimo Monitors


Greg Topel – CBO at Tanvas

Patrick Kittridge – Product Marketing Manager at Middle Atlantic Products, Inc.

YT Liang – Product Manager at ATEN Technology

Ted Vucurevich – CTO at Jabra GN (US)

Episode 110: Shared_Studios – Extraordinary AV and Human Experiences Around the World Part II (Mexico City, Gaza and Oakland, CA)

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Jake Levin – COO at Shared_Studios
Ryan Howard – Founding Principal, Storied Systems and Technical Director, Shared_Studios
Richard Ventura – Vice President of Strategic Management at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
Amanda Roe – Global Public Relations & Research Manager at Biamp

Mexico City Portal
Curators: Tomas Ramírez, Ciela Herce, Ezra Ruiz

Gaza Portal
Curator: Mira Bakri

Oakland, CA Portal
Curator: Ellen Chamberlin, Youth Outreach/Storytelling Portal Curator at Oakland International High School

Listen to this special episode of The AV Life to find out more about Shared_Studios:

Portals are gold spaces equipped with immersive audiovisual technology. When you enter a Portal, you come face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal live and full-body, as if in the same room.

You’ll hear from members of their management team, two of the people and companies that they work with in the AV industry – NEC (displays) and Biamp (Devio), and five of their Portal Curators from across the world.

Sit back, plug in, go around the world with Shared_Studios and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 57: Good Friends and a Wonderful AV Life – This One’s For You Ron Camden (Part 1)

Join host Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests on this very special show:

The guest of honor: Ron Camden – Vice President of Global Sales at Biamp
Matt Czyzewski – Executive Vice President of Technology at Biamp
Graeme Harrison – Executive Vice President of Marketing at Biamp
Steve Metzger – former President & CEO of Biamp
Read Wineland – former Sales Development Director for Biamp (retired)
Cory Schaeffer – Director, Systems Solutions Global Enterprise Accounts at QSC
Betsy Jaffe – Senior Vice President, Member Services at AVIXA
Jay Rogina – Principal at Spinitar
Barry Goldin – President, Unified AV Systems
Mark Valenti – President & CEO at Sextant Group

Called “a legend in this industry” on the show, a thought shared by many, Ron Camden has been a great partner in business and a very good friend to those who he has worked with at Biamp, along with integrators and especially InfoComm International/AVIXA. He has been in very close association with others in manufacturing in roles with AVIXA and more. Ron recently announced his retirement, and will be leaving the industry after a 30 year AV career – all with Biamp.

Listen to all of the guests on this part one of the show as they talk about Ron, meeting him for the first time, getting to know him and what he’s meant to them and the industry.

There are some surprises on the show as well – on this part one another guest drops in to talk to Ron.

Note: There’s reference to Commercial Integrator article ‘Biamp’s Ron Camden Leaves Legacy of Helping As He Nears Retirement in January’ on this podcast. 

Episode 54: One Year In and We’re Still Teching!

Join the Crew: host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Alan Brawn, Justin Rexing and Jen Cole as they welcome their guests on this first year anniversary show:

Bill Nattress – Director of Channel Strategy – Paging at Biamp 

Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at Tier PM 

Taylor Meyer – Mechanical Engineering student and robotics expert at Iowa State University (and former Crew member!)

On this first anniversary episode, Corey starts off talking about how he’s been podcasting since 2014 (cAValry Rides, AV Power Up and The AV Life) with some of the best people in the industry – of course including those who are current Crew members. Katye has been with Corey since Jan. 2016 and they talk a little about that as well as how they met on social media and at InfoComm.

Taylor begins talking about her “AV experiences” and some of the people she’s met. Bill talks about Taylor and her background where possibilities in AV exist, and then Justin talks about Bill and his first experience meeting him. Marika talks about her background as an IT project manager, working for IBM, and then her transition to AV as well as meeting all of the great people in the industry. Corey talks about a memorable moment at InfoComm interviewing Bill and Ron Camden, where they talked about their beginnings in AV, and Bill, Alan, Justin and Katye talk about their beginnings as well as “careers” in AV. 

And the L in Bill (L. William) Nattress’ name? You’ll hear about that here, those 280 Twitter characters, and much, much more.

Plug in, sit back and enjoy this first anniversary episode – and of course don’t forget to live…

The AV Life.