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Episode 103: Meet the AV Integrator and Motorsport Manager, and his 15-Year Old Race Car Driver Daughter #thereal99

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes:

Mark Linscott – Managing Director at iQ Communications Ltd and Director, Moose Motorsport Ltd

Emily Linscott – Racing Driver – multi award winning 15 year old Champion athlete – Brand Ambassador at Ropelet, Marchand Watches, BeeMetics (and pupil) @emily_linscott

Corey begins talking with Mark, Emily’s father, about his career as a commercial and residential AV integrator in the UK (there’s discussion of CEDIA too), which leads up to forming Moose Motorsports (Basildon, Essex) – Motorsport sponsorship acquisition, consultancy and management.

They talk about Emily and forming her racing career when she was 14 years old – in fact, the first person she ever beat in an auto race was her father. And with that, a career began.

Listen to this discussion to hear about Emily’s young auto racing career, some great stories (including one that became an ultimate competition), her fans, a major racing scholarship that she received (the first person outside of the U.S. to receive it), career aspirations, and what it’s like to be behind the wheel of her car on the track at top speeds (and in a Formula 4 car as well).

Sit back, plug in, and listen to this discussion with a remarkable 15-year woman – a professional race car driver – as we live…

The AV Life.

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Episode 101: The Residential Integrator, the Kitchen & Bath Designer and the Architect – the Final Frontier in AV Trade Technology (Part 1)

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Joe Whitaker – Founder/President at The Thoughtful Home (Greater St. Louis area)

Giles Sutton – Senior Vice President of Industry Engagement at CEDIA (London, UK)

Toni Sabatino – Designer Owner at Toni Sabatino Style and National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) Manhattan, NY Chapter President

Molly Switzer – Principal Designer and Owner at Molly N Switzer Designs, LLC and NKBA Columbia River (Portland, OR area) Chapter President

Dean Larkin – Owner at Dean Larkin Design (Greater Los Angeles area)

On the follow up to the classic 100th The AV Life episode, Katye and Corey invite five guests: Joe Whitaker – residential integrator/CEDIA Board of Directors, Giles Sutton – CEDIA executive (Giles was a former integrator for 12 years – James + Giles Ltd.), Toni Sabatino – residential kitchen & bath designer, Molly Switzer – residential kitchen & bath designer, and architect Dean Larkin for a conversation focused on integration, kitchen & bath design, and technology.

The show’s ongoing theme concerns “playing better in the sandbox” for the integrator, the designer and the architect. 

Toni Sabatino has been on the show before – Molly joins for the first time, as does Dean. Giles has also joined us previously, and he appears later in the podcast.

Joe, who co-led the Design Connection Tour at CEDIA Expo 2018 (the Design Connection Pavilion was endorsed by the NKBA), has also been on the show before – he joins us from a certain ‘remote location’…and he calls for sound effects and creates The CEDIA Pause – the new The AV Life residential/smart home show time out (and you’ll hear a short outtake when he does). He may have even partially taken over the show (Katye didn’t mind, nor did Corey – they needed the rest).

Sit back, plug in, and hear exactly why the relationship between the integrator, the designer and the architect truly matters (and enjoy Part 1).

Episode 98: The Road Back From CEDIA Expo – A Focus on Lighting, Z-Wave, the Designer, the Integrator and More

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss and Allie Watson as they welcome their guests:

Walt Zerbe – Senior Director of Technology & Standards at CEDIA
Michael Gaydos – Vice President of Market Development at LumaStream
Mitchell Klein – Executive Director at Z-Wave Alliance 
Toni Sabatino – Designer Owner at Toni Sabatino Style/ President NKBA Manhattan Chapter 
Dawn DeLuca – Principal at Dawn DeLuca on Design 
Joe Whitaker – Founder/President at The Thoughtful Home/ CEDIA Board of Directors
Eddie Shapiro – Chief AV Designer at SmartTouch – AV

The return  from CEDIA Expo 2018 – the Crew welcomes seven guests to discuss the show. Along with discussion that focused on lighting (LumaStream won CEDIA Expo Best New Product Award) audio, the integrator and more, all talked with Toni and Dawn who brought their overview of the show from the designer’s perspective.

Mitch talks about Z-Wave Alliance and the smart home connection, with special focus to security, along with discussion of the insurance industry. Eddie and Joe of course bring the direct integrator focus to the show – specifically business, education and design. Walt of course adds discussion from the CEDIA side.  

Allie Watson focuses on social media discussion – and her main platform is Instagram.

This is it – the final CEDIA Expo podcast, we hope you’ve enjoyed them all. Sit back, plug in, and join us as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 96: The Road to CEDIA Expo 2018 – We Couldn’t Design It Any Better… Let’s Do This!

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss, Matt Montgomery and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Brian Pagel – Senior Vice President at Emerald Expositions
Giles Sutton – Senior Vice President of Industry Engagement at CEDIA 
Toni Sabatino – President at NKBA Manhattan Chapter
Alex Capecelatro – CEO at Josh.ai
Frank White – Senior Consultant at Weld2 & StayTuned
Brad Hintze – Sr. Director Product Marketing at Control4
Emily Harger – Senior Marketing Manager at Séura

This is it, the final stop on the #RoadtoCEDIA as Katye hosts the third ‘Road to CEDIA Expo’ show for The AV Life! This one wraps it up with seven guests, along with Crew members Convergent AV’s Corey Moss, smart home and home theater integrator Matt Montgomery, and commercial integrator Kaleo Lee, who talks about his attending CEDIA Expo (as well as a commercial voice control integration that his company AVCO in Hawaii did). 

CEDIA Expo is the event that’s making smart homes genius. More than 20,000 home tech pros and 500+ exhibitors convene for the leading event in connected technology – receive concentrated access to new products, breakthrough innovations and targeted training in tech integration.

And with all of this in mind – listen to the guests (and members of the Crew), and what they will be doing at the show, as well as what they’re looking forward to there. It’s the first time on The AV Life for Brian, Giles, Toni, Frank, Brad and Emily – Alex is a ‘The AV Life Pro’ (listen in for more on that). One of the major focuses here – the design/lifestyle connection to the AV/tech world, and the user experience to go along with it. Oh yes, and then there’s this party at the show…

Sit back, plug in, join the guests and the Crew who bring you along for this final podcast ride to CEDIA Expo 2018 – as we live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 65: A Great Time Talking with the Executives of ISE 2018

Join host Katye McGregor Bennett and Corey Moss as they welcome:

Mike Blackman – Managing Director at Integrated Systems Events
Dave Labuskes – Chief Executive Officer at AVIXA
Dave Pedigo – Vice President, Emerging Technologies at CEDIA

On ‘The AV Life’ you know we always like to have a great informative, as well as fun discussion with the guests. And this show truly delivered on both levels.

Mike Blackman starts off talking about the following –

ISE by the numbers
Some of what’s to look forward to at ISE 2018:
Smart Building and Opening Keynote
XR Summit
Audio Forum
Education and certification (AVIXA and CEDIA)
Opening Reception and networking
Parties and events
World Masters of Projection Mapping

Dave Labuskes is next as he talks about –

The introduction of AVIXA to ISE and his thoughts about the industry
AVIXA presence:
The booth and what you’ll find there (including the coffee bar)
Growth of the industry
The party
AVIXA staff and membership
Conferences on Tuesday
Tuesday classes (and ISE Superpass)
Flashtrack sessions
Partnering with the AV Users Group

Dave Pedigo, last but of course not least talks about –

Education at the show:
The different types of classes
Some of the educators
Other topics of discussion – blockchain, IoT
Growing the industry
Best Practices
Healthcare technology

An overall excellent discussion of ISE 2018 by the executives – and some humor on this show? How about more than some? Yes, the executives, as they will point out, like to have a good time to go along with the trade show. And of course, the beers.

Sit back, plug in, and experience this very special episode as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 58: A Discussion With CEDIA’s 2018 Board of Directors – Global Insights, Lessons Learned and More

Join host Katye McGregor Bennett as she welcomes CEDIA 2018 Board of Directors guests:

Executive Committee:

Dennis Erskine (Chairperson) – President, Erskine Group, Inc. (Vancouver, WA)
Omar Hikal (Secretary) – Principal, Archimedia (Cairo, Egypt)


Henry Clifford – Owner, Livewire, LLC (Richmond, VA)
Rob Sutherland – Managing Director at Inspired Dwellings (London, United Kingdom)
Joe Whitaker – Founder/President at The Thoughtful Home (Creve Coeur, MO)

Newly Elected Board Directors:

Heather Sidorowicz – President/Owner at Southtown Audio Visual (Hamburg, NY)
Matt Scott – President at Omega Audio Visual (London, Canada Area)

The CEDIA Board of Directors defines the association’s vision and identifies its strategic direction. These leaders continually connect with members to make sure CEDIA’s strategic principles remain relevant and are adaptable to our members’ changing needs.

After introducing the guests and having them tell something about themselves, Katye talks with those on the show who will be continuing their service on the CEDIA Board about being a part of the Board, and perspectives on the global organization. The two new Board Directors, Heather Sidorowicz (the first woman to serve on CEDIA’s Board) and Matt Scott enter the discussion as Katye asks all about lessons they’ve learned in the industry along the way, to go along with advice they have for those in the business.

Finally, Katye talks about how CEDIA members should view the 2018 Board and addresses numerous topics in the discussion. Make sure you listen to Dennis Erskine at the end talk about Heather and Matt joining the Board, and both of them talking about what it means to them.

Sit back, plug in and enjoy a very insightful (along with a bit of fun) show with the CEDIA Board of Directors as we live…

The AV Life.