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Episode 123: Time to Enter The Firing Range – and you thought the burger was Impossible… (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join the Crew and their guests, as it’s time to enter in a whole new way (thanks to Kym) into:

The Firing Range!

The subject: 6 International Delicacies You’ll Find at L.A.’s Disgusting Food Museum

The Crew and the guests break into teams headed up by Corey and Kym to talk about these disgusting delicacies, however Kym has thrown a bit of a twist into this one, unlike the regular Firing Range contests. Each team member must decide on which item they would likely eat, and which they would only give to their worst enemy to try.

Who wins? Actually it was supposed to be what wins as that was really the point here, however the last to go chooses a selection totally off this menu as their food item of choice – and one of the guests truly goes ballistic about it. Yep, Kym knew she’d be starting something that ultimately would lead to this…

Dumpster fire.

There’s NonComm talk here too, and why not – it is the show about anything and everything with people flying in from everywhere. ISE and InfoComm eat your heart out.

At least all’s well that ended well (or something like that).

Sit back, plug in, play along and enjoy the full-effect dumpster fire as this episode progressed while we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 123: Talking Women in AV/Tier PM ‘Creating a Community’ and NonCommEMEA (Part 1)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Kym Frank, Maura Quinn and Tim Van Woeart as they welcome their guests:

Spence Graham – Business Development Manager at Real Digital Media and Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation
Jennifer Willard – President at J Technology Solutions, Inc.
John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology
Art Danner – System Sales Specialist at AVI Systems
Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager – PSO at Zoom Video Communications

After the usual Crew and guest banter, the show begins with an outstanding conversation driven by Maura and Jennifer about ‘WAVEcast: The WAVE Career Pledge’ – the AV Nation podcast hosted by Jennifer where Maura was her guest. The synopsis:

TierPM and Women in AV come together to announce a new initiative to assist women in finding a career path in the AV industry.

The guests and Crew get involved in the conversation begun by Maura and Jennifer, especially John and Kym – she is the President at Geopath, and looks to find out how she can possibly become a part of this initiative as well. John mentions one of his employees who had participated in a panel with two CIO’s, and how she had the true practical knowledge, as well as the experience to be involved. Corey talks about knowing her, and the drive she has to succeed in such a scenario. Spence also talks about the Women of Digital Signage, and the Geri Wolff Scholarship in the digital signage industry which recognizes a woman in the technical field. Marika Aquino, Managing Partner of Tier PM and a well-known AV and IT professional, is also mentioned here for her industry involvement. Jennifer points to the professional resources brought through Tier PM in this initiative, and how women’s groups and scholarships in the industry carry so much importance.

Essentially, the message here about the way being paved for women to take a true stake in AV and adjacent tech markets, through many of these efforts.

And then…

Next, a whole different subject – that being ISE… and NonCommEMEA. There’s some ISE talk, and then Art, who is the founder of NonComm (last year’s landslide event around InfoComm time), talks about the big show coming in March. Art’s co-founder Harry Meade was invited to be on, however according to Art, Harry flew to the trade show site to check on things (and meet with Giancarlo their European intern – who replaced that guy who almost singlehandedly brought down NonComm last year). Corey talks with Art and Gabe about a NonComm podcast last year that was co-hosted by Michelle Loret – one that Art was a little bit late for (and Gabe had to worry about being found participating). And – if you’re familiar with the Tweetstorm that recently took place in the industry, one actually began on this podcast – and Art talks about big plans for one at NonCommEMEA.

Do AVIXA and CEDIA know that their major industry show in February is just the preview for the really big show in March? Is there a website? Do we know what kinds of food selections will be available? Which is the premium suite to be had? Is there quality swag? Will we ever make our way back to civilization?

And who exactly is that AV industry celebrity calling in to this show?

The answers to these questions, and more are addressed here… in Part 1.

Episode 118: Star Wars, the Bird Box CES 2019 Challenge and The Firing Range (it’s back…)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Kym Frank, Adrian Doughty, Tim Van Woeart and Maura Quinn as the welcome their guests:

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager – PSO at Zoom Video Communications
Renee Benson – Vertical Sales – Education at NEC Display Solutions of America
Jimmy Paschke – Director of Sales at SurgeX Residential
Jonathan Webster – Recruiting Manager at TierPM

Follow us here – it’s all necessary information as a listening guide for this podcast.

Act 1: Star Wars

Right off the bat, the Crew intro says it all as you’ll hear dialogue from a scene in one of the greatest movies ever made. From there, well, get ready for a Star Wars podcast trip as the Crew and guests discuss some of the movies, ones they liked, disliked and a character that should never have entered a galaxy far, far away. One of the Crew members looked the part – we believe Tim is ready to star in Episode 9.

One of the guests did admit to never seeing any of the Star Wars movies, but he did see another one of epic proportions – and we gave him extra credits for it. Many of them.

Act 2: The Bird Box CES 2019 Challenge

Netflix has warned fans against participating in a potentially dangerous online challenge that’s inspired by its recent original horror film Bird Box.

Yet they didn’t mention anything about it to the guests on this show.

Well, the good thing is that everyone blindfolded on the podcast are inside and sitting down. The bad thing is they have no idea what’s going to happen after they remove the blindfolds.

Some of the Crew members, as well as the guests are challenged with questions about certain weird CES 2019 tech products.

Get ready to play the “CES Price is Right” where all of them try to guess the price of these items while not being able to see a thing:

The weirdest gadgets from CES 2019 – One of the stories: Las Vegas gets weird(er) – One of these items, Lovot (the cuddly robot from Japanese robotics startup Groove X), has one mission in life, and that is to make you happy.

I tried out Foldimate’s laundry-folding bot at CES 2019 – The story: Bots to fold laundry – a device that promises to fold a “full load of laundry,” has gained widespread attention at CES and online.

Kohler’s smart toilet promises a ‘fully-immersive experience’ – The story: 146-year-old plumbing company Kohler has already stolen the show with what will undoubtedly be 2019’s hottest gadget: an “intelligent toilet” with built-in surround sound speakers, ambient mood lighting, and Amazon Alexa voice controls.

Act 3: The Firing Range

Impossible Foods Rolls Out The All New Impossible Burger 2.0 At #CES2019

The tech conference seems an unlikely place to unveil a food product (as Kym alludes to) and indeed, the Impossible Foods launch of its new plant-based formula is the first food product to launch in the show’s more than 60-year history. They say it’s brown and charred, and smells like a real burger. Umm, and it bleeds? As always, there are for and against teams – and did the winning team really win? Not if they end up having to eat this thing.

Sit back, plug in, and join the Crew on this rollercoaster ride to wherever 2.0 as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 102: Bringing the Happiness – Zoomtopia 2018

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Kaleo Lee and guest Crew (Zoom) member Gabe Moronta as they welcome their guests:

Derek Pando – International Marketing & Zoomtopia lead at Zoom Video Communications
Wayne Driggers – Channel and Strategic Alliances Leader at Zoom Video Communications
Jimmy Vauhghan – UC Technical Product Manager at Crestron
Mike Kollen – President / Chief Architect at eSyncTraining
Olya Zakharova, PhD – Director of Business Solutions at eSyncTraining

Derek joins during one of his busiest times of the year, he is the Zoomtopia Lead, and leads off the show talking about Zoomtopia, the Zoom User Conference in terms of working on the conference with the team, discussing content, the speakers and more.

Wayne, who has been with Zoom since 2015 talks about the conference, he also talks about CEO Eric Yuan, and something fun that he did at Zoomtopia last year (it had to do with coffee). Jimmy talks in depth about the Crestron and Zoom Video Communications relationship from the start – with Crestron Mercury and Zoom, shown at InfoComm 2017. Olya (who Corey has known for a while over social media) talks about Zoom Video Communications, and the passion she has for the company and the solutions.

Next – Corey, Olya, Mike and Kaleo tell their Zoom user stories.

As usual, numerous hashtags created on this show, listen in for them (Corey made Gabe responsible for posting them on Twitter). Then Jimmy takes over, and we get the hashtag #ZoomJustWorks (approved by Olya).

Attempts were also made for “news” – aka scoop drops. Katye was certainly missed.

Wayne then talks about Zoom and digital signage, and what this technology means in particular for the customers, along with Zoom enhancements and added value to the experience.

Gabe talks about what he does for the company, and focuses discussion on Zoom Rooms. Olya talks about this being her first Zoomtopia, along with Zoom, Zoom Rooms and the overall experience. Mike talks about this being his first Zoom User Conference as well, he also mentions Stephen M.R. Covey (Featured Keynote at the conference) and his book The Speed of Trust – Eric Yuan’s favorite.

Mike and Olya also talk about Serena Williams. And of course… a Jimmy Vaughan WWE story. Finally, what excites all who will be attending about the conference.

There is discussion about Eric Yuan throughout the show, his leadership, and how happiness is his mantra. Corey also talks about Zoomtopia news that was shared over the year by Zoom Video Communications through the show.

For everything you need to know about Zoomtopia 2018 (and you can still register), visit zoomtopia.us.

Episode 89: AV, and the Daily Discussions in the Industry (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, JoAnn Arcenal and guest Crew member Gabe Moronta (Zoom Video Communications) as they welcome their guests:

Nic Milani – Director, Commercial Product Marketing at Crestron
Megan Dee Durocher – AV/IT Solutions Architect at University of Southern California
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing & Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions

This part two discussion continues with conversation about AV, and the following:

Big Data Analytics – discussion led by Megan
Marketing – discussion led by Brandy
Security – led by Nic

All to go along with convergence, integration, experience and engagement.

…and some of the fun “what did you bring to the table” conversation The AV Life is known for. 

You sat back and plugged in for Part 1, keep listening to this Part 2 conversation – and of course continue to live…

The AV Life.

Episode 89: AV, and the Daily Discussions in the Industry (Part 1)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, JoAnn Arcenal and guest Crew member Gabe Moronta (Zoom Video Communications) as they welcome their guests:

Nic Milani – Director, Commercial Product Marketing at Crestron
Megan Dee Durocher – AV/IT Solutions Architect at University of Southern California
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing & Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions

First – yes Katye is back (we know you missed her)! After an announcement about Zoomtopia which takes place in October, this part one discussion takes off with conversation about AV, and the following:

Cloud – discussion led by Nic
UX – discussion led by Megan
Digital signage led by Brandy

All to go along with convergence, integration, experience and engagement.

Tune in for this insightful discussion brought by these AV industry guests and the Crew.

Episode 83: The New Trade Show Taking the AV Industry By Storm – #NonComm18

Join the Crew host Corey Moss and Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Harry Meade (@AVGrump) – Industry Grump/Swag Hunter/Design Engineer at systems integrator
Art of AV (@ArtDanner) – Public Figure/Visionary Technologist/Account Manager at systems integrator
Gabe Moronta (@mogabr) – Owns Tech Skills/Project Manager/Works for top enterprise video communications company

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to hear is a podcast with the founding members of a new force to be reckoned with in the AV industry – that being #NonComm18. Never before has a group of savvy AV’ers put together such an electrifying event with no known location, yet accessible to the world – which has all of the makings of a great trade show!

One of their members though (who never joined on the show) has no clue whatsoever as to how to run a trade show, and also drops a lot of balls – yet he’s that guy they put in charge. Which begs the question… is it safe?

Corey and Michelle begin talking with Gabe who is attending a special event in London, England – he gives some interesting insights to #NonComm18 and then, well, he had to split as impending doom awaited him (his wife would be hunting him down).

Harry, an InfoComm attendee for quite some time, discusses the trade show’s first year in business, the organization, the “show floor,” their new special adviser, and much more. There’s talk of a parade. Oh yes, and that guy. 

Art finally joins sometime during the show (he woke up late) talking about – what else – that guy who just messes up. It’s truly incredible. Art then introduces himself and talks about how he’s relatively new to the industry, as well as how he attended InfoComm last year. This year, he’s a man on a mission with #NonComm18. There are education sessions too, Art and Harry go over those. They also talk about the #AVSelfie. 

There is something that will be “optional” – listen in for that. And for all of Harry’s fans there will be a swag hunt – which he’s been famous for at InfoComm. How do you pull off a virtual swag hunt? This is where trade show crossover comes into play, and could well be an economic indicator for the real and virtual sides of AV. 

So, if you can’t attend InfoComm – well, this is truly the experience for you.

That’s about the size of it (sorry)! Sit back, plug in, always remember and never forget while you’re attending either (or both) of the industry trade shows that #AVisLife – while you’re living…

The AV Life.

(Note: Comm Spoofcast).

Episode 80: Talking AV – or not – in the PM (Part 1)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Steve Picanza as they welcome their guests:

Chris Neto – Business Development Manager – Consultant Liaison at Barco
Mike Shinn – Director of Global Managed Services at Verrex
Malissa Dillman – Market Development Manager at Starin Marketing 
Kaleo Lee – VP of Business Development at The Audio Visual Company (AVCO) of Hawaii
Luke Jordan – Account Manager at Electro Acoustics
Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Project Manager at Zoom 

First, all (and especially the AV people) listening who may not be familiar with Steve Picanza will get to know our new Crew member. For those who do know him, they already know what to expect.

Corey begins with the intro of all of the guests (one shows up late) — and what exactly does Chris Neto bring to the table on this show? Would you believe cold pizza? Yep, in fact it leads to a great discussion at the beginning of the show that wasn’t AV – or AM. Wait till you hear Luke’s addition to the conversation too. 

After this, Chris talks about #AVintheAM, the Sunday morning AV Twitter chat that he created – its origin, its growth, how he develops the topic and questions for it, the mass participation and more. Then guests talk about their own #AVintheAM experiences – how they got into it and what it means to them. Luke elaborates on one of the recent Sunday discussions, one that he and Corey had a small disagreement over – which then backfires on Corey during this show.

And of course when you get a group like this together, be ready to expect the unexpected – including the #AVCrush and Millennial Twitter confusion. You just have to hear this. 

So sit back, plug in and enjoy Part 1 of this Sunday Twitter AV hashtag discussion with outstanding people in the industry!