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Special Episode: Flavors of Reality

Join the Crew host Brittney Lanni, Rachel Schwerin, Corey Moss and Kasie Grant as they welcome their guests:

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne and Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM

Emory Craig – Cofounder, Digital Bodies (Speaker/Futurist/VR, AR, XR)

On this special edition of The AV Life, the Crew and their guests – creative technologist Jon 9, and speaker/futurist Emory Craig – dive into applications and implications of immersive technologies and experiential media. 

The show kicks-off by attempting to define reality and better understand how adding a digital layer onto the world around us could take the human experience to the next level. 

All then look at applications of wearables vs. handhelds, and unpack what it means to develop relevant experiential media in education, retail, and corporate arenas. 

In addition to this, all discuss the importance of leveraging multidisciplinary partnerships to develop impactful content, as well as ways to incorporate AI into AR/VR-based training. 

Finally, Jon 9 and Emory talk about what they would consider to be an ultimate dream VR experience, and the ultimate nightmare.

Sit back, plug in, and we thank all of our incredible listeners for an amazing 2018 – we look forward to an even bigger 2019 as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 88: 9 – Creativity, Content, Videowalls… VIRTULARIUM

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Michelle Loret, Alan Brawn, Jonathan Brawn, Steve Picanza and JoAnn Arcenal as they welcome their guest:

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne and Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM

On June 21, Jon 9 and his team opened the doors to the public for the first time to experience the future of digital art and entertainment – the VIRTULARIUM VIDEOWALL Gallery.

On this extended episode, in the first half you’ll hear Jon and the Crew talk about the VIDEOWALL Gallery, WALLSITE,* “Gabriel 2..0..2..5” videowall movie, along with creative, digital content and the growth of the videowall market.

In the second half, after a brand new segment brought by Steve Picanza (JoAnn gets in on this too), and the return of the Tier PM ‘Hot Jobs’ (AV and IT), Jon takes over the host seat and asks each of the Crew members a (surprise) technology question – starting with a futuristic one for Jonathan. Jon brings visual harmonics discussion in his conversation with Alan, and talks technology and branding with Steve. Corey gets a different kind of question, where he talks about Jon as the Techno-Shaman of the industry.

At the end of the show, Alan, Jonathan (well, he tries) and JoAnn team up to bring ‘The Final Word.’

Sit back, plug in, and listen to the creative videowall technology mastermind behind VIRTULARIUM as we live…

The AV Life.

* WALLSITE – post-digital experiential media delivery system – a 9th generation videowall platform that includes integration of new technologies emerging in the digital space including AI, VR/AR/MR, Deep Learning, Big Data, IoT and more. WALLSITE is available as a service offering through HOLONYNE.

Episode 79: Live Events and Immersive Environments with Green Hippo Innovations and AV’s Techno Shaman

Join the Crew host Brittney Lanni, and co-host Rachel Schwerin as they welcome their guests:

Jon 9 – Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM, CEO at Holonyne Corporation
Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager, West Coast at Green Hippo

The AV Life’ Live Events shows are back with Brittney at the helm, and Rachel is her co-host (along with being her co-worker) for the shows. Brittney (Creative Producer – Live Events at O’Keefe Communications) begins by introducing the guests – Jon 9 explains his Techno-Shaman title, and how aims to create new forms of experience. Jon also talks about video walls and what they were in the past compared to today, including his sophisticated creative technology. 

Brittney asks the guests to talk about evolution of the technology, and Cynthia begins talking about Green Hippo in terms of the tools and creative elements. Cynthia also talks about Green Hippo’s close working relationship with Jon 9.  Brittney talks about the environments and human senses, and she also asks Rachel (Associate Producer/Storyteller at O’Keefe Communications) to talk about the “storytelling” element. 

Jon 9 talks about his entry into the tech world from theater, along with storytelling through creative videowall technologies. He also talks about engaging and getting through to the audience in terms of the conscious and the subconscious along with how he accomplishes this, including creating video walls in the trade show world. He adds in his usage of Green Hippo’s Hippotizer real-time media server technology. 

Brittney then asks Jon 9 about creating the content and environment, and experiencing stories in a whole new way – he talks about visual harmonics and video walls, in terms of what happens between the screens. After Rachel poses a question, Cynthia talks about collaborative art and Green Hippo’s tech tools, also incorporated with live events.

Jon 9 talks about Hippotizer for live events, event production and trade shows – he mentions VIRTULARIUM, how one was created for NEC Display Solutions at InfoComm 2017, and usage of Hippotizer technology for it. Rachel mentions InfoComm, along with live events and storytelling, and Cynthia talks about Green Hippo’s Notch technology. 

Jon 9 discusses how it’s more about concept and platform, and not necessarily the hardware – and mentions data, deep learning and more as relates to video wall technology and creative development. Jon also talks about creative content and technology being a means of expansion and connection for the audience. Cynthia talks about creating the best tools for artists’ expression, she also discusses VR as relates to events (and Rachel poses a “reality” question here too). Jon 9 talks about how his creative videowalls, and especially VIRTULARIUM, present a certain reality along with engagement for the viewer. 

Cynthia discusses a customer’s VR live stream with Coachella, where people could feel like they were a part of the experience. She also points to escapism in terms of such technologies as well. 

Sit back, plug in, we hope you enjoy this engaging live events show and live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 74: Time, Technology and Data – Factoring the Future of AV (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part One!

This episode is sponsored by Holonyne

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, (new member) Brittney Lanni, and guest host Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM as they welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions
Randy Pagnan  – President at rp Visual Solutions (on call-in)
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions
Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager at Green Hippo Media Technologies, Inc.

Jon picks up the conversation with Randy and Brandy and talks about something that rp Visual Solutions displayed at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) which Jon created the content for, and Brandy details and highlights it. Randy talks about platform and growing up in an age of information, this to go with processing data, the control room space, video walls and current enhanced data visualization capabilities. Rich also talks about the statement of content being king, referring here to data being the new currency – driving sales, delivering ROI and more, along with looking “beyond the screen.” Randy talks further about data and visualization, and Jon also puts a new spin on the content statement. Rich further expands on the data discussion here, to go along with privacy.

Jon then refers to “the attention economy” and how technology is evolving faster than society and culture has evolved to deal with it. Brittney expands on this, also talking about data, tools, visualization, time – and customer experience. Rich talks about Kroeger grocery stores (who were nominated for an APEX award at the DSE) compared to other grocery chains in terms of how they use sensors, data, content and more to drive the experience.

Finally, Jon gives a list of six emerging technologies, and asks each person to comment if these technologies are playing a role in their work and personal life. Listen to these excellent responses, which also follow along with the show’s theme.

Sit back, plug in and we hope you enjoy this look at time, technology, data – factoring the future of AV as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 74: Time, Technology and Data – Factoring the Future of AV (Part 1)

This episode is sponsored by Holonyne

Join the Crew Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, (new member) Brittney Lanni, and guest host Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation and Executive Director of VIRTULARIUM as they welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura – Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions
Randy Pagnan  – President at rp Visual Solutions (on call-in)
Brandy Alvarado – Marketing and Business Development Manager at rp Visual Solutions
Cynthia Austwick – Account Manager at Green Hippo Media Technologies, Inc.

It’s the return of Jon 9 (who first appeared in VIRTULARIUM – ‘The AV Life’ Episode 39), and in a big way as he guest hosts this show which he also co-produced. After the usual show opener Jon takes the host seat, introduces the guests and begins by posing three statements to the guests (and the Crew) concerning time.

Rich talks about looking at what we’re trying to accomplish while delivering value, going “beyond the screen” and focusing on change over time. Brandy talks about marketing perspective and how time is crucial in terms of grabbing attention with the message and marketing strategy. Cynthia gives her thoughts on the subject talking about how the creative process is shifting in terms of time and expectations. Jon asks Randy about manufacturing physical things (as opposed to digital), and Randy talks about the cost actually being time, where the client many times “wants it now” and how that adds certain pressures.

Katye talks about demands on time and expectations, and how focus and communications can be affected, also relating to social media. Brittney talks about production/content creation time, to go along with human processing time concerning communications – and Jon also asks Brittney about her work being affected by social media technologies. Corey talks about being in two worlds of AV – the sales world (in the past) as well as the media world, time and some of the challenges that have gone with them. Then Michelle gives her take on time in relation to expectation and “perfection.”

Jon then brings up the topic of technology platform and the approach, along with the rate of technological change, how it relates to time. Rich talks about big data analytics, retail, DOOH, as well top technologies that retailers will be utilizing. He discusses time and optimization – and also talks about what to look forward to in terms of technology, personalization and engagement by 2020 (no matter the market). Jon asks Cynthia to talk about Green Hippo’s new generation of Hippotizer media server technology and how it relates to being more of a platform in a box. Cynthia also talks about interpreting data. Jon then asks Cynthia to talk about working with 3D models and virtual mapping on to them, she also talks about real-time content manipulation.

Sit back, plug in and enjoy Part One.

Episode 59: Holiday Party Edition II – Bringing a Year of AV Cheer (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join co-hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Megan Powers and George (Santa) Fournier as they welcome their guests for the second annual holiday episode on The AV Life.

We continue the show with group three:

Keith Yanke – Sr. Director Product Marketing at NEC Display Solutions
Maria McKinsey – Director of Business Development at Brown Innovations
Bill Cherne – Sales Engineering Manager at Sonic Foundry – Mediasite
Jen Cole – Owner at Backspace Media LLC

Megan Powers takes over hosting this group and begins talking with her social marketing co-host on ‘Making a Marketer’ on what’s going on in her world. Maria is next taking about what Brown Innovations does and some examples of the markets that they’re working in, projects as well as the experience including their partnership with NEC. Keith follows up by talking about working with Brown Innovations as well as the experience. Bill discusses working with higher ed with lecture capture and global expansion, video and he also talks about conferences and the corporate space. 

The show closes with group four: 

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation
Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at Tier PM AV/IT Workforce Solutions
Elaine Shuck – Director, Communication & Development at i2i Technologies 

Corey hosts the final group on the show and begins talking with Jon 9 about VIRTULARIUM® – he discusses what’s taking place now, talks about his partnership with NEC and Green Hippo, and using multi-image technology as a storytelling device (and details this technology project as well). Jon also talks about his new development in video wall programming, a combination of hardware and software, which he hopes to bring to InfoComm this year. Along with this, he talks about starting a non-profit foundation to bring video wall technology to education and arts institutions.

Next Corey talks about first getting to know Elaine along with education, which is a big part of her technology career. She talks about working with students in the U.S. to connect with other students across the world (Ghana for one), and how they will use technology in the future. She also mentions two teachers in Alaska who have done very big things with videoconferencing. Marika finishes the show talking about Tier PM and what the company does that has set them apart from other recruiters in AV/IT, along with her background in the IT industry. Corey and Marika talk about how they met, how they’ve worked together in podcasting and have been doing the Hot Jobs for all that time. 

Sit back, plug in and have a very happy holiday!