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Episode 104: More Cowbell Please!

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Kaleo Lee and new member Joe Whitaker (The Thoughtful Home) as they welcome their guests:

Kevin Barlow – Director of Business Development at Draper, Inc.

Nader Dajani – Head of Business Development at Josh.ai

Toni Sabatino – Designer Owner at Toni Sabatino Style
The show begins with Corey with talking to Joe about becoming a new Crew member, and then there’s an immediate “audio mishap” after that. Then he compares Draper’s long time standing in the industry along with Josh.ai’s relatively shorter time. Toni Sabatino, a home designer specializing in kitchen and bath is next – she’s returned for another show and talks about her continuing fascination with the industry. Joe brought Toni in, and she has continued to love it and all of the relationships she’s made. 

Corey talks about having various relams of the industry on the shows, here commercial and smart home along with the home designer (on episode 100 it was commercial, residential/smart home and digital signage). 

Then there’s that convergence conversation…

Nader talks about Josh.ai – luxury voice control for the most advanced homes in the world – the technology and opportunities in voice control. Then all talk about moving past the technology ‘fear factor’ for industry advancement as well.  

Toni talks about interior design and lifestyle – also considering the magic of tech making it all happen in terms of the user experience. 

Next is conversation with Kevin Barlow, beginning with news of the week involving Barco UniSee, and what Draper is doing these days in terms of advanced business solutions and partnering. Along with the 116 years in business, still of course manufacturing screens and shades. Corey also drops the name of a very good friend and former inside sales person at Draper who he used to work with.

There are of course more hashtags on this show – and Joe-isms. That’s a first.  

The show ends with a professional life cowbell question – and then, it just ends…

(Join us for more on the next Convergent AV industry podcast – coming very soon).

Sit back, plug in, and put some more cowbell in your life as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 96: The Road to CEDIA Expo 2018 – We Couldn’t Design It Any Better… Let’s Do This!

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss, Matt Montgomery and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Brian Pagel – Senior Vice President at Emerald Expositions
Giles Sutton – Senior Vice President of Industry Engagement at CEDIA 
Toni Sabatino – President at NKBA Manhattan Chapter
Alex Capecelatro – CEO at Josh.ai
Frank White – Senior Consultant at Weld2 & StayTuned
Brad Hintze – Sr. Director Product Marketing at Control4
Emily Harger – Senior Marketing Manager at Séura

This is it, the final stop on the #RoadtoCEDIA as Katye hosts the third ‘Road to CEDIA Expo’ show for The AV Life! This one wraps it up with seven guests, along with Crew members Convergent AV’s Corey Moss, smart home and home theater integrator Matt Montgomery, and commercial integrator Kaleo Lee, who talks about his attending CEDIA Expo (as well as a commercial voice control integration that his company AVCO in Hawaii did). 

CEDIA Expo is the event that’s making smart homes genius. More than 20,000 home tech pros and 500+ exhibitors convene for the leading event in connected technology – receive concentrated access to new products, breakthrough innovations and targeted training in tech integration.

And with all of this in mind – listen to the guests (and members of the Crew), and what they will be doing at the show, as well as what they’re looking forward to there. It’s the first time on The AV Life for Brian, Giles, Toni, Frank, Brad and Emily – Alex is a ‘The AV Life Pro’ (listen in for more on that). One of the major focuses here – the design/lifestyle connection to the AV/tech world, and the user experience to go along with it. Oh yes, and then there’s this party at the show…

Sit back, plug in, join the guests and the Crew who bring you along for this final podcast ride to CEDIA Expo 2018 – as we live…

The AV Life. 

Episode 94: The Road to CEDIA Expo 2018 – A Focus on Trade Show, Experiences and Partnerships

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Tim Sinnaeve – Managing Director at Barco Residential
Robert Keeler – Vice President of Sales at Stewart Filmscreen
Nader Dajani – Head of Business Development at JStar LLC (Josh.ai)
Bryce Nordstrand – Chief Sales Officer at Access Networks
Matt Montgomery – President at Tym Smart Homes and Home Theaters
Allen Tremble – CEO at Acoustic Evolution

Katye and Corey begin The AV Life coverage of CEDIA Expo 2018 with six guests – manufacturers and integrators – who talk about their companies, the show, “the experience” and partnerships.

Each of the manufacturers discuss what they’ll be doing at the show, how they focus on the experience, the importance of partnerships and education – perspectives that fully round out this episode. Each of the integrators follow suit in terms of the experience for the end user, along with relationships which include education. Each will also talk about what they’re looking out for at the show.

Terrific insights on this episode brought by all of the guests, including one that focuses on the integrator — or should we say the former integrator…?

And a new Crew member has been recruited. Katye refers to it as trapped. Find out who it is.

Sit back, plug in, and join us on this first ride on the road to CEDIA Expo 2018 as we live…

The AV Life.