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Episode 98: The Road Back From CEDIA Expo – A Focus on Lighting, Z-Wave, the Designer, the Integrator and More

Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss and Allie Watson as they welcome their guests:

Walt Zerbe – Senior Director of Technology & Standards at CEDIA
Michael Gaydos – Vice President of Market Development at LumaStream
Mitchell Klein – Executive Director at Z-Wave Alliance 
Toni Sabatino – Designer Owner at Toni Sabatino Style/ President NKBA Manhattan Chapter 
Dawn DeLuca – Principal at Dawn DeLuca on Design 
Joe Whitaker – Founder/President at The Thoughtful Home/ CEDIA Board of Directors
Eddie Shapiro – Chief AV Designer at SmartTouch – AV

The return  from CEDIA Expo 2018 – the Crew welcomes seven guests to discuss the show. Along with discussion that focused on lighting (LumaStream won CEDIA Expo Best New Product Award) audio, the integrator and more, all talked with Toni and Dawn who brought their overview of the show from the designer’s perspective.

Mitch talks about Z-Wave Alliance and the smart home connection, with special focus to security, along with discussion of the insurance industry. Eddie and Joe of course bring the direct integrator focus to the show – specifically business, education and design. Walt of course adds discussion from the CEDIA side.  

Allie Watson focuses on social media discussion – and her main platform is Instagram.

This is it – the final CEDIA Expo podcast, we hope you’ve enjoyed them all. Sit back, plug in, and join us as we live…

The AV Life.

Trade Show Special: Kaleo Lee’s Interviews at CEDIA Expo 2018

The AV Life Crew member Kaleo Lee, VP of Sales and Business Development at The Audio Visual Company of Hawaii (AVCO), talked with various exhibitors on the CEDIA Expo show floor – from well-known Control4 to those in Innovation Alley.

You will hear Kaleo’s interviews with the following companies (with some “extra” unedited content):

Control4 – Leader in home automation and smart home systems
LumaStream – Low-Voltage Intelligent LED Lighting Systems (Best in Show)
Ambisonic – World’s first outdoor Wi-Fi amplifier, Immersive HD Series loudspeakers and more
Danby – Refrigeration and Specialty Appliances
Olibra – Bond Home
ATX-LED – Ceiling Lighting DC solution
Clovitek – CloviFi
Neeo – The Thinking Remote
WeConekt  – Marketing and Business Consulting Services for integrators (Kaleo had the most fun with this one)

Enjoy listening to these interviews – and get to know more about these companies that Kaleo talked with as we live…

The AV Life.