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Episode 69: What’s a Chatbot… and Why Should We Care?

Join host Megan Powers, her ‘Making a Marketer’ co-host Elizabeth Glau and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Julius Moster – Master of Science student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), researching chatbots, together with German company STIHL.

Chris Colleran – Co-founder and CTO of Sciensio.

Julius Moster lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. He’s currently working on his masters in Industrial Engineering and Management, which was also the focus of his undergrad studies–both at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He’s in the final stages of his studies working on his Master thesis: “Designing a guideline for the implementation of conversational AI in the production environment,” together with German company STIHL. He is analyzing opportunities of human-machine-communication in the production environment, especially the use of chatbots as an artificial intelligence tool that serves as an information/knowledge manager and personal assistant

Chris Colleran is Co-founder and CTO of Sciensio, he lives in Salt Lake City… Chris believes that in the near future, messaging will be a powerful enabler unlocking the full potential of predictive analytics, natural language processing and deep learning — redefining how companies interact with customers, employees, and things.

Many of us experience chatbots on a regular basis, but might not even know it! They are still quite new, and how they’re used is moving at a very rapid pace, which made our guest Julius Moster choose them as the focus of his masters thesis in his Industrial Engineering Management Master of Science program. Chris Colleran is at the helm of the technology at an (award-winning) event technology company called Sciensio that has developed a bot – eventbots – to help meeting and events organizers create a better experience for their staff and attendees. He actually created his very first bot for an party (aka, event) he was having at his house! From that Sciensio was born.

Please join us as our guests break down what chatbots are, and how they’re used, in a very easy to understand way on this episode of The AV Life.

Episode 59: Holiday Party Edition II – Bringing a Year of AV Cheer (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1!

Join co-hosts Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Megan Powers and George (Santa) Fournier as they welcome their guests for the second annual holiday episode on The AV Life.

We continue the show with group three:

Keith Yanke – Sr. Director Product Marketing at NEC Display Solutions
Maria McKinsey – Director of Business Development at Brown Innovations
Bill Cherne – Sales Engineering Manager at Sonic Foundry – Mediasite
Jen Cole – Owner at Backspace Media LLC

Megan Powers takes over hosting this group and begins talking with her social marketing co-host on ‘Making a Marketer’ on what’s going on in her world. Maria is next taking about what Brown Innovations does and some examples of the markets that they’re working in, projects as well as the experience including their partnership with NEC. Keith follows up by talking about working with Brown Innovations as well as the experience. Bill discusses working with higher ed with lecture capture and global expansion, video and he also talks about conferences and the corporate space. 

The show closes with group four: 

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation
Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at Tier PM AV/IT Workforce Solutions
Elaine Shuck – Director, Communication & Development at i2i Technologies 

Corey hosts the final group on the show and begins talking with Jon 9 about VIRTULARIUM® – he discusses what’s taking place now, talks about his partnership with NEC and Green Hippo, and using multi-image technology as a storytelling device (and details this technology project as well). Jon also talks about his new development in video wall programming, a combination of hardware and software, which he hopes to bring to InfoComm this year. Along with this, he talks about starting a non-profit foundation to bring video wall technology to education and arts institutions.

Next Corey talks about first getting to know Elaine along with education, which is a big part of her technology career. She talks about working with students in the U.S. to connect with other students across the world (Ghana for one), and how they will use technology in the future. She also mentions two teachers in Alaska who have done very big things with videoconferencing. Marika finishes the show talking about Tier PM and what the company does that has set them apart from other recruiters in AV/IT, along with her background in the IT industry. Corey and Marika talk about how they met, how they’ve worked together in podcasting and have been doing the Hot Jobs for all that time. 

Sit back, plug in and have a very happy holiday! 

Episode 53: Digital Signage, NYDSW and Some Coffee with the Controversy

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Alan Brawn, Jonathan Brawn, Justin Rexing and Megan Powers as the welcome their guests:

Rich Ventura –  Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Digital Signage Federation (DSF)

Stephanie Gutnik – Director of Business Development at BroadSign

Bryan Meszaros – CEO at OpenEye Global (on a call-in)

This episode is dedicated to one of the great weeks of the year in the digital signage industry – New York Digital Signage Week (NYDSW). Rich and Stephanie join the Crew to talk about the week and what to look forward to, along with other digital signage related discussion.

Sit back, plug in, enjoy a discussion with two well-known executives in the digital signage industry and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 52: The Leadership Series (Part 1) – Young Influencers Helping to Lead an Industry

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Megan Powers and Jen Cole as they welcome their guests:

Wallace Johnson – VP Business Development at MertzCrew

Gina Sansivero – Director of Business Development Education at FSR, Inc. 

We begin the “Leadership Series” on The AV Life with two industry influencers, Gina, who with her known work in AV and the education market, has also been an important part of efforts for women in the industry through the Women of InfoComm Network (WIN) and co-coordinating (with Control Concepts’ Dayna Baumann) the New York City region group. Wallace, a 2017 AVIXA Young AV Professional, along with being VP at MertzCrew and an industry live events expert, is also the Chair of the AVIXA Live Event Council. Among numerous subjects, they also discuss being present at the exclusive industry organization InfoComm/AVIXA rebranding event.

Listen to an excellent show about two well known young influencers in the AV industry and live The AV Life!