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Episode 125: Welcome to the Mind Shift IV – IoT, Transformation and Cybersecurity

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart and Spence Graham as they welcome their guests:

Mitchell Klein – Executive Director at Z-Wave Alliance
Joe Way – Director of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University
Mike Shinn – AV Industry Consultant

In this next Welcome to the Mind Shift episode of The AV Life, all discuss the topics – continuously mounting conversation in this ever-growing connected world. You’ll hear IoT, transformation and security discussion from Mitch, who is an Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Home technology and practice expert, Joe and Tim who work in higher education, Spence who is a digital signage professional and also worked for West Virginia University, and Mike who brings the commercial business perspective. There is data conversation to go with this as well.

In this podcast, the following recent articles and blogs are discussed (passages referenced here):

IoT For All How IoT Drives Enterprise Transformation

– The total number of IoT devices in use around the world has reached 7 billion. This number is forecast to reach around 18 billion by 2022, as most IT decision makers plan to increase their IoT spending, with an average spending increase totaling nearly 18 percent, according to a 451 Research survey report.

ZDNet Why IoT devices pose a bigger cybersecurity risk than most realize

– Unsecured IoT devices provide an easy gateway for criminals looking to get inside a network.

Joe discusses a cybersecurity law signed in California:
Starting on January 1st, 2020, any manufacturer of a device that connects “directly or indirectly” to the internet must equip it with “reasonable” security features, designed to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or information disclosure. If it can be accessed outside a local area network with a password, it needs to either come with a unique password for each device, or force users to set their own password the first time they connect. That means no more generic default credentials for a hacker to guess.

Targeted privacy discussion here too.

Next, Corey talks about tweets about IoT, transfomation, privacy and cybersecurity from a chat #MWC19 #MegaChat that occurred on Tuesday, and all discuss these as well.

Avast blog What risks do IoT security issues pose to businesses? (referring to sabotage and botnets)

– A hacked IoT device will allow the attacker to access its functions. While a coffee-maker might not allow an attacker to do anything more dangerous than brewing a latte, a hacked heating system or machinery can create far more disruption to a business.
– Cybercriminals can bring together huge numbers of infected devices into networks called botnets. These botnets can be used for a variety of things, but they are best known for their use in DDoS attacks.

Finally, as usual it’s time for…

The Firing Range!

VentureBeat Arm unveils security certification testing for IoT devices

– Arm has teamed up with independent test laboratories to certify security for internet of things (IoT) devices, which have proven vulnerable to botnet attacks.

All get together in The Firing Range to give thoughts, opinions and more to this story — a very good first step? Much further to go? Listen in.

Sit back, plug in and welcome again to the mind shift as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 80: Talking AV – or not – in the PM (Part 2)

Make sure you listen to Part 1

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Steve Picanza as they welcome their guests:

Chris Neto – Business Development Manager – Consultant Liaison at Barco
Mike Shinn – Director of Global Managed Services at Verrex
Malissa Dillman – Market Development Manager at Starin Marketing
Kaleo Lee – VP of Business Development at The Audio Visual Company (AVCO) of Hawaii
Luke Jordan – Account Manager at Electro Acoustics
Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Project Manager at Zoom

Part 2 – it’s time to bring the questions, or the knowledge, or we’re not 100% sure… but we do know that whatever it is, Chris will start it up like he does on Sundays with the #AVintheAM Twitter chat. 

The first question is business related and deals with risk and the integrator. Mike starts it off with a perspective about taking a risk only after something occurs. Kaleo is next – though Corey mistook what he did as wanting to participate, which leads to discussion of huddle rooms and jumping out of planes. Yes, this is The AV Life…

Luke then disses Chris (which leads to a repeat of the #AVCrush), though he does praise  Chris’s after that, and mentions the community that’s involved and how they respond in the conversation, along with conversations that continue into the next day. Steve talks about Twitter chats that he used to participate in, and the networking that takes place as a result. Then there’s the call for InfoComm on social media. 

Corey introduces a discussion about AVaaS and hardware, and Michelle picks up on this and talks about “starting at the room” and what can be done for the customer, along with AV sales people’s approaches. Luke continues here talking about a recent conversation with a client and certain tech that the customer wanted, extending this past the usual “box” discussion. Gabe talks about how people are afraid to challenge a customer’s choice for technology that they’ve seen or heard about if it’s a potential incorrect fit, along with how this leads to building partnership with the client. This in itself leads to challenging discussion among those on the show. 

Steve talks about how people should ask about a business case for the technology. Luke follows up with a discussion that leads to conversation of is a client a right client for your business, along with value for the business. Katye talks about time as a factor that’s also involved as a major part of the commitment to the client. There’s also discussion of evaluation of the opportunity and the client, and Katye puts a cap on this conversation. Mike even comes up with a new show that must be done in the evening.

Chris wraps things up, also talking about a milestone for the hashtag – and then Katye really wraps it (thank you Katye)…

Sit back, plug in (again), we hope you enjoy this two part podcast about the dynamite Sunday Twitter chat #AVintheAM – and you also enjoy living…

The AV Life. 

Episode 80: Talking AV – or not – in the PM (Part 1)

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret and Steve Picanza as they welcome their guests:

Chris Neto – Business Development Manager – Consultant Liaison at Barco
Mike Shinn – Director of Global Managed Services at Verrex
Malissa Dillman – Market Development Manager at Starin Marketing 
Kaleo Lee – VP of Business Development at The Audio Visual Company (AVCO) of Hawaii
Luke Jordan – Account Manager at Electro Acoustics
Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Project Manager at Zoom 

First, all (and especially the AV people) listening who may not be familiar with Steve Picanza will get to know our new Crew member. For those who do know him, they already know what to expect.

Corey begins with the intro of all of the guests (one shows up late) — and what exactly does Chris Neto bring to the table on this show? Would you believe cold pizza? Yep, in fact it leads to a great discussion at the beginning of the show that wasn’t AV – or AM. Wait till you hear Luke’s addition to the conversation too. 

After this, Chris talks about #AVintheAM, the Sunday morning AV Twitter chat that he created – its origin, its growth, how he develops the topic and questions for it, the mass participation and more. Then guests talk about their own #AVintheAM experiences – how they got into it and what it means to them. Luke elaborates on one of the recent Sunday discussions, one that he and Corey had a small disagreement over – which then backfires on Corey during this show.

And of course when you get a group like this together, be ready to expect the unexpected – including the #AVCrush and Millennial Twitter confusion. You just have to hear this. 

So sit back, plug in and enjoy Part 1 of this Sunday Twitter AV hashtag discussion with outstanding people in the industry!  

Episode 55: Talking Tech Summit, (Microsoft) Teams, and a Year of Big Things

Join host Corey Moss and his guests:

Paul Zielie  –  Manager, Enterprise Solutions at HARMAN International

Jordan Owens – VP, Americas at Pexip

Mike Shinn – Director of Global Managed Services at Verrex

The first year anniversary of The AV Life continues with a show that has three well-known industry guests:

Paul has been a speaker and panelist at the AV/IT Leadership Summit events and here we focus on the most recent event in New York. Paul talks about the Summit, then he and the group focus discussion on several presentations and topics. Jordan talks about Pexip Infinity Fusion, along with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and just what the industry along with end users are looking at concerning the platforms. Mike’s discussion focuses on his first year anniversary coming up with Verrex as their Director of Global Managed Services, talking about the job as well as his worldwide travels. He talks about the managed services division at Verrex, the outlook for managed services in the industry in general, along with a new, very strategic hire for the division.

An excellent episode with three thought leaders in AV as well as UC&C – sit back, plug in and enjoy this one as we live…

The AV Life.