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Episode 110: Shared_Studios – Extraordinary AV and Human Experiences Around the World Part II (Mexico City, Gaza and Oakland, CA)

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Jake Levin – COO at Shared_Studios
Ryan Howard – Founding Principal, Storied Systems and Technical Director, Shared_Studios
Richard Ventura – Vice President of Strategic Management at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
Amanda Roe – Global Public Relations & Research Manager at Biamp

Mexico City Portal
Curators: Tomas Ramírez, Ciela Herce, Ezra Ruiz

Gaza Portal
Curator: Mira Bakri

Oakland, CA Portal
Curator: Ellen Chamberlin, Youth Outreach/Storytelling Portal Curator at Oakland International High School

Listen to this special episode of The AV Life to find out more about Shared_Studios:

Portals are gold spaces equipped with immersive audiovisual technology. When you enter a Portal, you come face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal live and full-body, as if in the same room.

You’ll hear from members of their management team, two of the people and companies that they work with in the AV industry – NEC (displays) and Biamp (Devio), and five of their Portal Curators from across the world.

Sit back, plug in, go around the world with Shared_Studios and live…

The AV Life.

Episode 92: Shared_Studios – Extraordinary AV and Human Experiences Around the World

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Michelle Loret and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Amar Bakshi – Creator, Founder and Creative Director of Shared_Studios

Jake Levin – COO at Shared_Studios

Stefano Chinosi – Director of Strategic Innovation at Andover Public Schools (Greater Boston area) and Shared_Studios Portal_Curator

Lewis Lee – Milwaukee_Portal and Chicago_Portal Curator at Shared_Studios

Join the Crew for this very special discussion with Amar (who is in Washington, DC) and his team: Jake – who is calling in from Iraq, Stefano (Steve) – who is calling in from the road in Connecticut, and Lewis – who is calling in from a Portal location at Lalapalooza in Chicago. Hear their stories, what Shared_Studios means to them, as well as how the Portals experience has changed and enhanced their lives.

After the Hot Jobs, Amanda (who is in Oregon) talks about Biamp Systems’ work with Shared_Studios (Biamp Devio is the Portal audio solution), as well as her relationship with them and just what it means for her. Their relationship is also highlighted in this story: 

Biamp Systems Devio is the Chosen Audio Solution for Shared_Studios Portals Around the World – Both Create a One-of-a-Kind Collaboration Experience at TIDE 2018

Listen to the Crew – Corey in Virginia, Michelle in Texas and Kaleo in Hawaii – and their thoughts as well.

Portals exist around the world:

South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

Portals are run by diverse Portal_Curators. Together, they form a trusted, global community of people who program dialogues, classes and events, lead local outreach and provide live language interpretation. 

Here is the Shared_Studios Team – Management, Portal_Curators, Advisors, Artists in Residence and Portal_Ambassadors: https://www.sharedstudios.com/team/

Sit back, plug in, find out all about Shared_Studios and the incredible things they do as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 77: We bring to you Live Events, Emerging Tech, and InfoComm ’18 Center Stage

Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Michelle Loret, Brittney Lanni and guest Crew member Bella Whiting as they welcome their guests:

Will Curran – Founder, Chief Einstein at Endless Events LLC (and host of #EventIcons podcast)
Amar Bakshi – Founder, Creator at Shared_Studios
Wallace Johnson – Managing Director at WLJ Consulting, LLC (and host of The LIVE Life podcast)

A show that brings together live events and AV, emerging tech, a high school graduate interested in a career in AV leading to a great conversation about young people joining the industry, and Center Stage – a 3-day event taking place at InfoComm 2018, June 6th – 8th in Las Vegas.

That’s The AV Life.

After introduction of the guests (along with Bella), Corey discusses live events with Will, Wallace and Brittney (who is the new live events host of The AV Life) all who are live events professionals. Will talks about his company Endless Events, and how companies can do what Endless does with video content (his presentation at Center Stage). Will refers to his podcast which will also be talked about a little later in the show. Wallace then talks about live events as it’s been a part of his life for quite some time, and he talks about the industry in terms of emerging technologies (AR and VR) translating to live events and content creation.

Brittney discusses emerging technologies in the space, along with creating and augmenting the live events experience. She focuses on events and mobile devices, along with leveraging these devices as a first screen. Amar talks about Shared_Studios and discusses their portals at sites around the world along with events, with AV and other technologies for their distributed spaces around the world. Bella gets in on the discussion as she was involved in live events at her high school, and she also talks about attending a recent AVIXA Women’s Council event in DC Metro.

During the usual mid-show conversation, Michelle talks about AV industry reach, leading to a discussion about bringing young people like Bella into the industry. Wallace details AVIXA programs for schools, and gives some advice here too. Brittney, Michelle, Will and Amar talk about creating internships. 

Next, all talk about InfoComm 2018 Center Stage – Amar begins by highlighting his discussion (on June 6th) Using Videoconferencing to Connect Learning Communities, along with more about their portals and AV. Will then talks about his discussion (on June 8th) Innovators in Online Video Content Creation Reveal the Secrets to Compulsively Watchable Content, creating better video content, along with value creation.

Finally, Will and Wallace talk about their industry podcasts (along with the Crew) – make sure you give them a listen.

Sit back, plug in, and join us for an enlightening discussion about live events, emerging tech, young people in tech, and one of the big events to see at InfoComm as we live…

The AV Life.