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Episode 113: The Holidays Begin with Emily Linscott and Friends – Formula 4, The Race in Malaysia, Branding, Social Media, and the Career Ahead

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Emily Linscott – Racing Driver – multi award winning 16-year-old Champion athlete – Brand Ambassador at Ropelet, Marchand Watches, BeeMetics (and pupil) #thereal99

Mark Linscott – Managing Director at iQ Communications Ltd and Director, Moose Motorsport Ltd

Bob Yusko – Owner at GoBobby.uk, Go Bobby.net (Emily’s main sponsor)

Mike Powell – Motorsport Marshal, racing enthusiast

Toni Sabatino – Designer Owner at Toni Sabatino Style and National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) Manhattan, NY Chapter President

This third episode with Emily focuses on her recent Formula 4 race in Malaysia (Formula 4 SEA), her first ever F4 race. She and Mark talk about going to Malaysia for the first time, what happened when they got there, and they break down all three races. Bob and Mike, who has closely followed Emily’s racing career, also provide opinions and overviews for the race. Toni who has become a big fan of Emily’s over the last several months, talks about Emily and her achievements, along with the rest on the podcast.

Corey talks with Emily and Mark about her high-level exercise regimen. Corey and the others also talk with Emily about personal branding, and engagement on social media – this along with being an ambassador for several brands (including Go Bobby). Emily also talks about how she became “The Real 99”.

All finish talking about the holidays, and find out that the day after the podcast is Emily’s 16th birthday too.

Also listen in for sponsorship information (and investment opportunity) for Emily’s racing, in 2019 and beyond.

Sit back, plug in and begin the holidays with Emily Linscott and friends as we live…

The AV Life.

Episode 54: One Year In and We’re Still Teching!

Join the Crew: host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Alan Brawn, Justin Rexing and Jen Cole as they welcome their guests on this first year anniversary show:

Bill Nattress – Director of Channel Strategy – Paging at Biamp 

Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at Tier PM 

Taylor Meyer – Mechanical Engineering student and robotics expert at Iowa State University (and former Crew member!)

On this first anniversary episode, Corey starts off talking about how he’s been podcasting since 2014 (cAValry Rides, AV Power Up and The AV Life) with some of the best people in the industry – of course including those who are current Crew members. Katye has been with Corey since Jan. 2016 and they talk a little about that as well as how they met on social media and at InfoComm.

Taylor begins talking about her “AV experiences” and some of the people she’s met. Bill talks about Taylor and her background where possibilities in AV exist, and then Justin talks about Bill and his first experience meeting him. Marika talks about her background as an IT project manager, working for IBM, and then her transition to AV as well as meeting all of the great people in the industry. Corey talks about a memorable moment at InfoComm interviewing Bill and Ron Camden, where they talked about their beginnings in AV, and Bill, Alan, Justin and Katye talk about their beginnings as well as “careers” in AV. 

And the L in Bill (L. William) Nattress’ name? You’ll hear about that here, those 280 Twitter characters, and much, much more.

Plug in, sit back and enjoy this first anniversary episode – and of course don’t forget to live…

The AV Life.